in fact, going by this chart, it'll only work on 64-bit linux/macOS computers. 32-bit windows is still supported hwen the others aren't for some reason

@lynnesbian my employer have switched to Qt5 for a range of reasons and have run into the same issue there which is potentially going to mildly annoy some customers

my internal dialogue right now
:ablobcatangel: you should support users of legacy systems to ensure your app reaches as many people as possible
:blobcatevil: old hardware doesn't get new software

@lynnesbian at my previous job we didn't phase out support for IE6 until 201...3? and even then we had to consult with customers first

and EVEN THEN one of them afterwards came back going "your shit has just broken in two of our locations, what up"

@lynnesbian and of course they were one of the biggest clients so we had to humor them

not without giving them a big fucking invoice for making one of our poor frontend devs sit down for several weeks to patch the software up for IE6 though

@lynnesbian in their two biggest (outsourced on long-term contracts) call centers that used the software, yeah

@theoutrider the more i learn about software development the less i want to work in it

@lynnesbian several of the customers at my current employer have a 12-month lead time on any updates except critical security patches



@theoutrider @lynnesbian I can confirm that all of this is day-to-day nonsense in software dev for “business”

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