Seeing Mensa on the timeline makes me was to recommend Jamie Loftus’ “My Year In Mensa” podcast.

@mosttoast i JUST finished that yesterday and it was 👍👍👍

@sweetmercury i'm on episode 8 or something. There's a lot of tough material in it so i haven't binged it.

@mosttoast yeah I kind of spent all of last week listening to it and I have this real “what is real life” feeling now. She really covers a ton of material.

@sweetmercury it's one of those rabbit holes that i didn't realize would be so exciting to become a secondhand expert on. Like, yeah now i know so much about the book Lolita and i've read it like once, and i don't even remember how i felt about it. I remember Nabokov's 'Pale Fire' way more

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