fitness world politics shit (-) 

So, obviously, I love working out. I like that it makes me feel good and I think fitness shit should be accessible to anyone who wants to be a part of it.

But, every time I see a new personality start making the scene I have to do the "is this person a white supremacist" checklist and jesus fucking christ it's just lifting weights people.


fitness world politics shit (-) 

And that's not even counting the the absolute nightmare of filtering the horde of charlatans in this space.

Just thousands and thousands of influencers peddling basic 101 shit and selling 1000% markup snake oil to desperate kids.

fitness world politics shit (-) 

"This guy demoing a shoulder press has kind of a lot of tattoos huh. Guess I need to pause the video and start looking for right angles" should NOT be a thing that I have to think.

fitness world politics shit (-) 

There's definitely lots of leftists in the lifting space but there's also a common attitude of "this is inherently right wing" which scares off a lot of people on the left.

Like man, I started lifting when I saw Richard Spencer get clocked. I thought "I wanna stomp on a Nazi too" and it's always on the back of my mind.

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