Go ahead and waste your time frivolous nonsense. I’ll be over here reading theory

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Putting on a 45 hour “lofi beats to code to” playlist and doubling my nootropics dose so I can steal time more efficiently.

Haven’t had a decent quality shu puerh in a long time. Didn’t realize how much I missed it.

I can’t ever do these tests because me first thought is “wait what do they *mean* by this question?”

Does “reform” mean liberal mushmouthed speak for maybe, slightly stronger unions? Then I disagree. Does “reform” mean dismantling the entire upper class? Then agree.

“Fear Inoculum” is Latin for “Graphic design is my passion”

I don’t know what happened but Instagram had some sort of hiccup and now a lot of my feed (most of the ads) have the caption “But you cannot simply just make content” and I’m crying at the beauty of this masterpiece of social commentary.

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