boost this (or reply) and i'll draw your avi. it's not gonna be great. I might take hours, even days. but it might be funny, and in the end, thats the only thing that matters

first batch fresh off the oven! the oven is called "curse these very small pages"

bad camera also
@erosdiscordia @drwho @lunarised @Natomatic

batch n° 2 sponsored to you by "this is way harder than I expected but its also pretty fun"


batch 3 bought to you by "you are all so much prettier than this I swear"


batch 6 bought to you by [ insert joke here ]

okay there are 48 boosts right now so that's 12 four packs so i'm halfway there I think


you'd think I could see a star and not make a fallen london reference. you'd be wrong

yeah I think this is it for today. gonna finish this tomorrow

last one for now! expect the rest in 6-24 hours !! batch 16 !!


@themorgangoats oh wow i love these they’re all great! thank you!

@themorgangoats omg :blobcatsurprised:
i didn't actually boost it bc i didn't wanna give you more work but aaaaa i love itttttttttt :blobbunmelt:

wait you didnt? are you sure? lol oh well, it was a fun drawing either way lmao

thanks :blobheart:

@themorgangoats I love this!!! The eyes look really nice! God my avi is so weird!.

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