-killing nazis or billionaires is no longer murder, if it's off season it'll just be poaching

-its always on season


every lawn a veggie garden. every golf course also a veggie garden. skyscraper walls and windows? guessed it, veggie gardens

healthcare for everyone, I will also outlaw death

barefoot will not be legal, but mandatory. furthermore, asphalt will be abolished

by national decree, it will be impossible to know things. all knowledge will be categorized as "fallible human perception". furthermore, categories will be categorized as "weird structuralist hogwash"

the sun: illegal
light: illegal
laws: illegal

yes, all laws. no speeding, no jaywalking, no thermodynamics

consistent pen and paper rpg sessions for everyone

the fourth person to choose dps gets a stern warning. fifth gets jail

@themorgangoats without a speed of light everything exists as a timeless everwhere at everytime forever in an instant. I'm down for that.

@themorgangoats a universe free of time and change, an eternal, massless, formless primordial chaos

@themorgangoats fuck off. no more impossible campaign promises.


Can world time be Sydney time?

I'll vote for you twice.

as long as its not based on any smelly english town like greenwich, i'll take it

@themorgangoats listen weird structural hogwash is itself weird structural hogwash

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