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i think you were one of my first ever follows back on my old account :L

it might've even been from the twitter follower import thing!

i like the way you post about tech because it doesn't feel nearly as elitist as the way others do :p

i can actually understand what you're saying and you don't just assume that everyone knows what you're talking about, which WAY too many tech people do

i don't actually know you well enough to do this, sorry :blobcatderpy:

you do a lot of work for fun fedi stuff and i really appreciate that. you've accomplished what i failed to do in that you've created a way for people on the fediverse to use a simple and fun little tool that makes the community as a whole feel closer knit

very nice pone who i wanna smooch and hold close

i think you're quite a strong little boo and you seem to be able to keep on being you even when things get kinda bad :blobbunheart:

you get a lot of shit ironically and sometimes i feel like it goes too far. you're a great guy and i'd love to hang out sometime

i wish you didn't have to deal with all this "cancelled" bullshit. you're a nice person and the fact that people are upset with you just because you created a place for your friends to hang out is absurd

i don't really know that much about you but you're replies are always lovely :blobbun:

you swoop in to reply once a fortnight or so and that's rly it :L

i actually think you're rly cool and maybe we could get to be friends? but i already have so much shit going on and ughh i wanna have more free time

the way you run your instance is Interesting and you honestly have kind of a berries vibe :blobcatderpy:

you're cool and the interactions we've had have been great!!

i always see you posting about how you love your girlfriend and how gay you are and honestly mood

i don't know you either :blobcatmeltcry:

probably should've made this followers only

idrk how to sum you up in a single post :L

but i think you were one of my earliest follows too and i enjoy your Content

you're adorable and very sweet and you also seem quite shy! i like you and i like your posts :blobbunmelt:

i followed you after you sent an ebooks request and i checked out your profile and thought you were funny :p

you seem like more of a lurker, interacting without replying all that much

but i like your replies when they do come, and i'm glad you appreciate my dumb tech jokes. i kinda wish more people got them because making dumb tech jokes is my forte

you seem like a good person, but also like you've been kinda Internet Poisoned by certain imageboard websites. i hope things turn out well for you

also stay away from anna (w.l) because she's trying to "help" you or something and it's weird and she's weird

you always reply with cutesy little offers to make me feel better and it's really sweet

you're the four C's: Cool, Cute, Coder, and Compatible with my romantic and sexual preferences

you're my heckin squimsher and i'm love you :blobbunheart:

i'm glad roxie introduced me to you! you're very shy and i enjoyed the few times we interacted back when i was on :coochified:

okay the half hour has ended now but i'm gonna do a few more that i really wanna do

i have seen first hand that u are a cutie and i know that you get shy and anxious when messaging me but i want you to know that you don't have to be!!


@lynnesbian gonna assume all the ones calling the mystery person a cutie are about me

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