What it feels like to be my cat after I've been working from home for over a year and won't leave her alone for more than an hour.

Whenever you hear the "billionaires' wealth isn't all cash" argument, remember this: Stocks have an average ROI of 10% per year.

Jeff Bezos' $186 billion investment fortune nets him $18,600,000,000 passive income every year.

that's 1,282,758x minimum wage, for doing nothing.

Jeff Bezos could raise the salaries of every single Amazon employee by $16/hour with his capital gains alone.

That's 575,700 employees given a raise of an entire living wage.

But no, Bezos needs his gigayacht fleet...

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"You don't run an operating system on a machine like this. That'll just slow it down."

For years I've been saying "I miss the old, smaller internet", but the reality is I just needed to get my ass off of larger websites.

Why the hell is the Demoscene community so tiny? There's virtually zero presence in America.

It's like the coolest art form ever created, and the "biggest demoparty in the world" had less than 10k max viewers, got banned by Twitch for no reason, and literally nobody but the community at large even noticed, and they fixed it too fast to even care.

C'mon folks, live-coding shaders is way better than e-sports, and running prods on your own hardware is a treat.

Join the scene.

Like, if you ever wonder why women don't gravitate towards Computer Science, go take a trip to the Hacker News comments section on any article even remotely touching on women's issues.

Brogrammers for days...

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Found a guy:

"Let's not politicize science"


"Female DNA is why girls play with dolls"

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Snorting a heroic rail of cocaine, jumping into bed, turning off the lights, and thrashing around violently as I try to drift into a peaceful night's sleep.

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the best wikipedia articles are the ones that start with an extremely normal paragraph followed by an extremely buck-wild paragraph

Me: "Burning discs is antiquated and inefficient"

25GB BD-R Discs: *are $0.30/disc*

Me: *Buys a 400-disc binder and spools of BD-Rs*

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