Headline from an alternate universe where Steven Crowder's wife wasn't allowed to divorce him.

Not sure what point The Hill was trying to make with this one. They do know I can actually do this, right?

There's plenty to disagree with about China, but the US anti-China hysteria is just exhausting. They'll just make shit up hoping you won't check for yourself.

Everyone's mad at Jorts today? What happened?

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I'm leaning towards "This is a bad idea, and it's way more work than it's worth", but I also like the idea of baiting and exposing fascists.

In all likelihood, I won't do this, but it seems funny as hell.

Maybe I should work on some other sneaky way to get them to expose themselves that won't add more grief to the fediverse.

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Thinking about starting my own instance for Nazis, advertising it on all the far-right spots, letting it run for a few months and gain traction, then shutting down and releasing the unredacted database into the wild, email addresses and IPs and everything.

But I'm stuck between the benefit of doxxing a bunch of Nazis, and the harm of giving them a platform, even for just a few months.


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boost this post so i can tell the wider mastodon network "fcuk yuo"

Forking Mastodon and adding quote-toots myself. Calling them "dogpile requests". What does everyone think?

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Wishing harm on bad people 

A cool thing you can say on Mastodon with no algorithm to stop you is that the Libsoftiktok lady should be killed with a shovel in the street, and her body left for the rats

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Sometimes I see posts on here like “mastodon is too serious and businesslike, it needs more selfies and shitposts” and I’m like are we even using the same website but then I remember we very literally are not

Proud to report that my employer doesn't recognize Veterans day. Fuck the troops, amirite?

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Matt Walsh only wants you when you're seventeen, when you're twenty one, you're no fun

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@Gargron I can’t think of a better way to stick it to both Twitter and Musk than by becoming a monthly donator.

I'm glad I became one today.

My deepest, thanks to you for creating this and putting in all the hard work that you do. I honestly wish I could’ve given more. You deserve it.

For anyone else that reads this, consider becoming a monthly Patreon. Membership levels start at $1 a month.


Man, what on earth was I talking about with this one?

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Firing my AR-15 Assault Rifle with 100-round magazine and bump-stock into a hanging American flag at the shooting range.

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