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Obsessed with the fact that miyazaki is such a hater but makes some of the most beautiful animations ever. Mans really said “i contain multitudes”

I decided to log into Reddit for some reason, and immediately found somebody arguing over a joke about plants "getting wet" with nectar, insisting that plants don't reproduce sexually because they can't have penetrative sex.

When pressed if he understood what sexual reproduction is, he doubled down on the penetration requirement, and claimed to have a biology degree, so I'm gonna just log off of that stupid website forever before I Iose any more brain cells...

The more I read about astronomy and astrophysics, the less I believe in the 'big bang'.

I think the universe might be infinite, and honestly, that's beautiful.

Creating a Mastodon instance for Centrists, and slowly adding every other instance to the suspended list until all the Centrists are quarantined.

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The more niche engineering videos I watch on YouTube, the weirder the suggestions get.

Just watched a video of a guy turning an old Telephone Exchange into a musical instrument.

I'm not saying the algorithm is getting it wrong for me here, but I'm actually kind surprised that we're at a point where this kind of media exists.

Visited the Apple Store and fullscreened ShaderToy demos on every screen I could get my hands on.

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@todd_bonzales sometimes people join in on the fun by hanging flags up in convenient locations for others to use! Tall poles are often used for larger flags so everyone can appreciate the spectacle.
Get some matches and some kerosene and keep this proud tradition alive!

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it takes 36 cars to run a NASCAR race but you could fit all 36 drivers on one bus

Fireworks banned in your area? Try this fun alternative on July 4th this year!

I booked my normal neighborhood place first, but it was over a week out, cutting it way too close.

Then I booked LensCrafters downtown for Saturday, because they have really fast turnaround, but they generally suck.

Then I learned that Warby Parker has an optometrist on the Eastside, and they're preferred by my insurance, so I booked them too, the same exact time as LC...

My anxiety makes me so stuff like this every month or so, it's great.

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This morning I was worried I wasn't going to get an eye appointment in time to get contacts for my upcoming trip.

Now I have three appointments this weekend.

Might have overdone it. Need to cancel a couple of these.

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Look, I regularly get caught by my boss looking at furry smut, hell I even admit it, but usually esvrld just says "ugh. Do you have an article ready" (no) and we move on, it's not a big deal

Hot Jupiters in your area!

Click now for big beautiful gassy exoplanets!

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i'm sorry but if your response to someone telling you they were abused is to laugh it off and call them "delusional" because you're friends with their abuser, i think you're a piece of shit. don't reply to this, just block me if you disagree.

I really ought to go to bed instead of inflicting this amount of psychic damage on myself...

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Talking to your pet is like:
• stinky (affectionate)
• idiot (affectionate)
• pet’s actual name (derogatory)

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