What it feels like to be my cat after I've been working from home for over a year and won't leave her alone for more than an hour.

Found a guy:

"Let's not politicize science"


"Female DNA is why girls play with dolls"

Losing it over the apparent size of this smartwatch. Hand and key to scale?

Capitalism rots holes in your brain, I swear.

"Sand is the most consumed raw material after water, yet, the world is facing a shortage"

"Yet"? More like "as a result"...

Remember when the Internet's greatest gag was coming up with ridiculous ways to make this guy sound badass?

Imagine finding an entire second apartment attached to your overpriced NYC apartment, and telling your landlord about it rather than cleaning it up and hiding it so you can use it all for yourself.

Honestly, I understand why they wouldn't tolerate such violent rhetoric.

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Eugenics on Hacker News 

Yeah dude, you're a racist. That's correct.

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Eugenics on Hacker News 

Hacker News is a great daily read most of the time, but more folks need to hunt down all the techbro Nazis in the comments and dogpile them for this shit.

Democrats: "The $600 check was a down-payment on the $2000 we owe you."

Also Democrats: *disqualifies over 7 million Americans from receiving a second check*

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