I’m also angry about this today.

I’m more angry about this.

Like, rightfully angry though.

God dammit SF I swear you do things just to piss of NYC, but I’m here in HTX and you’re hurting me too.

I want this. I subscribed for the $50 off. If it costs $100 or more then I won’t.

Note: I only want it because it’s the same thing my current screensaver does.

Reminder: conspiracy nutjobs never talk about things like this or anything else that is just happening in reality that is terrible and scary.

Long shot: anyone have recommendations for something like an outdoor refrigerated pet fountain?

Goodnight. I didn’t even put my pocket stuffs up. I’m passing out now.

There is thunder and lightning. I hope my scared dog sleeps through the night, he can’t get in bed because of the fosters in this room. =(

Satan is trending in Texas and I assume it’s because of the heat, but I kind of hope Lucy’s here for a fiddle contest.

Another genderless insult you can use at a carnival 


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