I thought I was going to accidentally ddos Apple’s TestFlight server trying to get in the beta for @ivory.

Why does @kickstarter let so much of this shit happen?

Also I have no idea what’s going on with that kickstarter URL slug. “long-pants-for-fishing-multi-pocket-waterproof-design” but it’s a cheap alibaba usb adapter kit?



Always fun having to give a friend a heads up that you might be a danger to yourself.

I take full credit for this through my new spiritual discovery/technology called Ugh Manifesting. The book on how to use Ugh for your own manifesting will be out soon.

Goodbye, San Francisco (acoustic) by Rosendale

Hauntingly beautiful with tear-inducing honesty.

Also San Francisco has the same syllable count as twitter dot com.


I can’t do alt text through this fucking app? It’s a screenshot. Weather app. Cold. 20℉ with a feels like of 3℉. The text under it says, “Cosmic background radiation is sort of like the afterglow you feel after a good fuck.”

Sometimes I get a little drunk and let the dog up on the couch.

So, read this. Think about it. Apply this to the rich people we say are brilliant despite them always saying and doing stupid shit.


I don’t know what you think this is or where you think you are but you need to calm that fit down. It is the holidays and some of us don’t get PTO. So just calm the fit down Madisynn and know most of these are $10 gift cards so I’m sorry your dumbass spent $75 for white elephant.

Artist are reacting poorly to AI making jpegs.

People using AI to make things decreases the friction that keeps people from being creative.

If AI makes you fear losing your job or livelihood, that’s a failure of capitalism. Attack that problem.

Pulp’s Common People covered by William Shatner

More interesting than the original and it should be played at anyone not taking out student loans for a MFA anytime they ask where someone bought a hand-me-down.


My most useful skill in life is being told a problem and being shown a solution then getting confused why someone did so much work when they could have just done this thing instead.

My most useless is not being able to think the same solution when only the problem is shown.

I’ve been searching for a song that goes: I wont stop til I’ve gone to far. That’s haram but that’s okay maybe tomorrow I won’t feel the pain.

I knew it was by Bebe Rexha and once I took out ‘That’s haram’ I found it.

It was the song *Last Hurrah.*

Jesus fucking Christ ears.

The Rebecca Kiessling piece in the New Yorker (I didn’t finish it) is what making me go to bed upset tonight. To see someone so clearly take after her biological father despite him never being identified is so strange.

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