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I’m going to the store to buy litter. Anyone need anything?

I should be here more. I’m getting no replies or boosts or anything and I feel like a normie because of it.

I lost my wallet. It was the best wallet in the world.

I’m so sad.

They don’t make it anymore.

They don’t even exist anymore.


@interneteh this is why I followed you and I can’t even find it. Good toot!

@interneteh this is why I followed you and I can’t even find it. Good toot!

Hello friend!

We are now friends. Thank you for this. No further action is needed, but would be appreciated.

Who wants to be my friend? Who wants to talk more?

I’m so so so tired. Why can’t I sleep? Why is it so tight around my jaw?

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Follow me on anywhere. Snapchat is mynameistoffer.

I might have a scar. Tell me how fucking badass and sexy I look.

‪I had a drink. I was discharged from the hospital Thursday. I was specifically told not to drink. I forgot that until the moment I put my finished drink down. I feel like I’m falling.‬

After being discharged from the hospital I slept and I slept and I slept. Now I feel like I can’t sleep again. I’m to afraid to take my sleeping pills at any dosage since the overdose now.


you know what would solve this leftist discourse? organizing hip-hop concerts with anarchist and communist rappers with the stated intention of promoting peace and coexistence through the arts

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