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Him: Some people call me a hero.
Me: Why?
Him: I’m a vet.
Me: a veterinarian?
Him: No, I was a soldier!
Me: Weird. Why do they call you a hero then?

I’m having issues feeling loved. I don’t feel in the top 12 let alone 1.

Judge my tinder bio:

Poly. Leftist. Art enjoyer. Writer. Looking for someone witty, clever, and that is into guys that are roughly 5’11”. I do animal rescue — which lets you know I have dogs, cats, and the ability to pull a string at the right time. This is where a joke should go, but there isn’t. Sorry to disappoint. You could message me, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a joke.

If you can't make your own revolution, store bought is fine

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Trying out a new app. Maybe the notifications will fucking work on this one.

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