I’ve been searching for a song that goes: I wont stop til I’ve gone to far. That’s haram but that’s okay maybe tomorrow I won’t feel the pain.

I knew it was by Bebe Rexha and once I took out ‘That’s haram’ I found it.

It was the song *Last Hurrah.*

Jesus fucking Christ ears.

The Rebecca Kiessling piece in the New Yorker (I didn’t finish it) is what making me go to bed upset tonight. To see someone so clearly take after her biological father despite him never being identified is so strange.

Oh look, I get to find out today if I’ll die! I’m so excited.

Why can’t I do Alt text from this app?

It’s just something from my insurance company about my appeal to keep taking the medicine that keeps me alive and functioning.

This is a joke about wanting to die by suicide from someone who struggles with this and uses humor to deal with it. Do not look if you’re a millennial. 

Hey is this a good way to start off a suicide note? “The Costco® checker put in a fake birthday for me when the computer wanted to know I could legally buy Kirkland’s Prosecco.

She put in 11/11/1999.”

If I ever got a large sum of money I’d set $25k aside specifically to use when Hasselblad or Leica released a special edition I have to have. Hopefully there’d be enough for another lens or two left.

@paul deep in my heart I know the answer to this is that your machine literally has more cores than Xcode knows what to do with.


@Pwnallthethings well it’s not rocket science to build a smart phone. Rocket science takes a lot less computing power and has way larger tolerances than making a smartphone. We got to the moon with TVs had three dimensions to consider and phones had cords that didn’t charge them.


hahahahahahahahahahah ahaha hahahahahah hahahaha its just a silly little smartphone should be easy ahaha ahahahaha

i'm at the toilet. i'm at the drum set. i'm at the computer. i'm at the combination toilet drum set computer.

Speaking of vampires: has anyone made HPV be deadly to them in fiction? Because that makes the virgin-obsession they have slightly less shitty.

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Up until 2:30 in there’s a march to revolution then there is a fall into the self-centered version of responsibility sold to us by corporations made of people needing a guillotine.


Is the official mastodon iOS app still the best to use?
(Notice I didn’t say it was good)

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