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I feel like I’m on an ocean and the light is made of tiny crystals beating against my eye lids.

Reminder: I call myself a creator of things because people roll their eyes if you say you’re a writer.

I don’t support eugenics, but I’m contributing to it by not having children.

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I think dogs and cats are confused by toilets. Not because they don’t get what they do, but because they don’t understand why we wouldn’t want to keep our poop around.

Which cat made a poop so stinky that I can’t sleep‽

I’m sick. I don’t want to use my voice. Someone interact with my by engaging with my content.

Job interview went okay. Now to keep food down and sleep.

I had over 1,000mg of caffeine over a four hour period. I just vomited a lot. I have a job interview in an hour and a half.

When we were living in different continents I would send my partner salsa. She would send me the index cards I like.

There’s something beautiful about that.

@Wewereseeds just graciously commissioned me for a flag, so here it is!!! It represents the solarpunk movement. Like the movement it is bright and full of hope, and also like the movement, it kicks ass. It was inspired by @socalledunitedstates, but is still pretty distinctive.


I'm gonna say it. Forrest Gump is a bad movie

Why can’t I sleep? I need to sleep. Fuck. I’m getting manic. I’m getting fucking manic and I have s job interview tomorrow. Fuck.

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