if you reply to my posts about taking care of human need with horseshit about overpopulation youre catching that block

i dont know about you but white people talking about how there are too many humans gives me the heebie jeebies

@dankwraith unpleasant echoes of racists talking about how enormously many Chinese/Indian/"African" people there are

@dankwraith like there are valid concerns about human population growth and how/if it can be sustained and many ethical questions about whether having children is a thing one should do

but there are a whole bunch of extremely unpleasant angles on the subject from racist to classist to god even knows

also it kind of just generally feels... uncomfortable in terms of the implication that Something Should Be Done


@theoutrider @dankwraith like the thing is, the best non-genocidal means of curtailing population growth are giving people education healthcare and autonomy

but the necessity of severe population containment is so the seat of empire cna maintain its excesses

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