stock photos for all your stock photo needs, such as when you need this one to convey the idea of what this is:

@vegetablegremlin I tried to reverse image search and google deemed this photo "hacking cat" which is oddly specific and pretty neat

@vegetablegremlin Clearly this cat is in the middle of having its laptop taken over by a rogue remote admin session while it was trying to contact its human at work. I'm sure this happens all the time.

@vegetablegremlin this clearly conveys the idea of cats being inferior to dogs. Cats make terrible guard dogs.

@vegetablegremlin Or, "What happens when you cat a file and pipe it through grep for no reason." (Though admittedly I still do that from time to time, just to break the universe a little)

@vegetablegremlin a world where humans bother cats when they are trying to use the keyboard

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