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Dead serious here but (speaking from personal experience, since you have to specify that Online™): please do your trauma processing in private before you post whatever comes into your head in public

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I’m going to put longer reviews on letterboxd but you get the snippet version here as in prior years.

Night 1 (last night): Nightbreed (1990)

Second viewing, first time not on mobile. This is a wildly uneven movie in most respects and I think that sinks it more than any of its marketing problems. However, it was worth this rewatch to at least see the makeup, the brazenly queer themes, and David fucking Cronenberg playing the villain.

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All the cops still following this account after my jorts migration

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thinkin about the sandwich with three slices of bread again

Licorice Pizza is a bad title, it gives me the same disgusted feeling as the words Shit Sandwich

GG Allin taking a shit on the stage and throwing it into the crowd except it's Disney throwing out Franchise Movies and people are chomping it up like candy

*busting my rectangular fist through the wall* they call me the windowmaker

Get your body ready for the bog in only 40 years

Might fuck around and grow a lush, dense winter coat for the coming months

Plurals in English are like Outback Steakhouse: No rules, just right

Palpatine hasn't eaten at Denny's since 1978 because of that one time they wouldn't let him use more than one coupon

So, after all the joking that @infernusgoatus and I have done about the Barry Sonnenfeld Addams Family movies being the most Tim Burtony movies to not ever be attached at all to Tim Burton,

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