god damn the trans siverian orchestra actually whips what the fuck, they also have a heavy, like, 80s wizard vibe to their cover art and like it SLAPS but like what the FUCK

@Ophillous Trans-Siberian Orchestra was formed from the ashes of ill-fated 80s neoclassical metal band Savatage, best known for their song "Hall of the Mountain King," which is preceded on the album by a cover of the Edvard Grieg piece of the same name

Trust me when I say everything about TSO makes PERFECT sense


@witchfynder_finder @Ophillous and don't forget to mention that their version of the Carol of the Bells was originally titled Christmas Eve Sarajevo and on a concept album about the Bosnian War. I believe its runaway popularity was what led to TSO even happening in the first place

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