Any dude that freaks out about periods or menstrual blood, or "feminine hygiene products" shouldn't be allowed anywhere near other humans

@Quixote171 simply put them in the menstruation shed for a week, problem solved.

@Thomas @Quixote171 aw shoot, now we have to cancel Thomas, and right before the holidays too, what a damn shame

@Thomas @Quixote171 using Labyrinth memes against me!! This is cruel and unusual

@Thomas @Quixote171 I love it, we had a conversation once about girls and boys and Labyrinth and Neverending Story

@Quixote171 @Thomas it's a good coming of age story for any gender I think, maybe it meant more to me as a girl because you don't see as many for girls

@Louisa @Quixote171 it's also a sort of "young girl coming of age in a fantasy world that she's been mysteriously brought into" kind of movie

@Louisa @Quixote171 I dunno why but I feel like Neil Gaiman has something to do with it, but I can't remember

@Thomas @Louisa @Quixote171
great looking movie. im a fan of dave mckean's art and that whole thing is 100% his vision.

as for the rest of it... could take or leave it

@larrydavis @Louisa @Quixote171 it's very pretty. I don't really remember the plot, but there's a thing at the end where they're suddenly singing some pop song, I don't remember which, that feels pretty out of place.

@Thomas @Louisa @Quixote171
yeah i dont remember much of it other than the imagery, which... makes sense

@larrydavis @Thomas @Louisa

The one lady does basically have her breasts out, which doesn't *necessarily* make it horny, but it is supposed to be a kid's movie...

@Quixote171 @Thomas @Louisa
i didnt say its incredibly horny, just hornier than mirrormask, which contains zero tits as far as i can remember


@Louisa @larrydavis @Thomas @Quixote171 I believe this possesses equivalent horny power to the Other Mother

@Thomas @robotcarsley @Louisa @larrydavis

I'm just saying, I wouldn't kick her out of bed for trying to sew buttons on my eyes, am I right fellas?

@Quixote171 @robotcarsley @Louisa @larrydavis There's a small door in our house that leads to a storage area and I told my son it leads to the button world from Coraline

@Louisa @Thomas @robotcarsley @larrydavis

Are you telling me that none of you, not *one* of you wants to have buttons sewn over your eyes?

@Quixote171 @Louisa @robotcarsley @larrydavis hey bud, i'm not trying to kinkshame, except about this, I am shaming this particular kink

@Thomas @Louisa @robotcarsley @larrydavis

She only gets mad and turns into a spider because she doesn't get her way. Let her have her way, everyone's happy.

@Louisa @Thomas @robotcarsley @larrydavis

Which is worse, being a foot guy, or being into hot mom's that *might* turn into a spider if you piss them off.

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