Follow I walk outside in public sometimes but if I find out someone archived a video of every single time I was in public i'd be pretty mad too. even if they say that they wouldnt record me if I was hiding

@themorgangoats @spookcentral @DashEquals I'd be pretty pissed too, but that is the risk one takes when one is outside one's home, or when one leave the window blinds open.

This has always been the case, ever since the beginning of time. The only difference now is the technology we have access to.

@themorgangoats @spookcentral @DashEquals there was literally nothing stopping someone conducting surveillance on you and posting your wearabouts on some public forum. Real time location surveillance became a thing when radio communication was invented.

@matt "can be done" doesnt mean "should be done"

@themorgangoats @spookcentral @DashEquals This. People are still entitled to expectations of privacy even "in public," which is foundational to things like ethics standards for behavioral research on people. For example, you might expect to be seen but not recorded. Ergo, researchers can't record people in public without permission, although they can people-watch and take general notes.

It seems to me that archiving public posts is exactly the same thing as recording people in public.

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