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boys please don't explain things to me i already know exactly as much as i can stand to know

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here's the video i came out with on fb/insta/twitter lol (selfie, eye contact, video)

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triz tries new music thread

camp cope: good, all the songs kinda sound the same, but they sound good, so that's fine

enjoyed the first album, will revisit them when my ears are doing better and i can actually pick out lyrics better

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the definitive post of tricia on the fediverse:

@bragool (old main)
@bragool (deprecated)
@bragool @burgin (main)
@burgin (also main)
@tricia_ebooks (ebooks)
@triz (testing trish) (...don't ask)

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@anna filing a bug report with r/lgbt for not thinking i'm as hot as i do lol

posted my tiktok video to reddit and only got ~30 likes, fuck them lol they don't deserve me

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drunk and telling on myself with my favs lol

let me tell you something political: when the police cut up my peoples sleeping bags in the middle of winter i wanted to burn some shit down

come at the mastodon. everyone keeps saying "a film video camera"

always gotta google some shit every time I talk to larry

shitposting my way through my lunch break so i can finish out this double Refreshed

SCORPIO (Oct 23-Nov 21)

The Chambered Nautilus (Nautilus pompilius)

You are always seeking new experiences, whether that means leaving old careers, friends, or homes behind. However, you use your past experiences to inform how you navigate the present situations at hand.

Maybe she was born with it,
Maybe it's estradiol

imagine being named randy. that's a horny word

ordered a resistance band online and peter daou showed up with his bass :((((

if i was down id simply make life better with a little bit of razzmatazz

fixing discourse on the fediverse by posting about how the fbi is daddy 😍

mastodon is bad because we're not saying yurkey to cheetoman

Watching the news is not praxis

Verrit code 42069

@burgin i have laughed about this more than 5 times in the past couple of days

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