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watching russian doll last night reminded me of my weirdest carnival story

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boys please don't explain things to me i already know exactly as much as i can stand to know

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here's the video i came out with on fb/insta/twitter lol (selfie, eye contact, video)

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the definitive post of tricia on the fediverse:

@bragool (old main)
@bragool (deprecated)
@bragool @burgin (main)
@burgin (also main)
@tricia_ebooks (ebooks)
@triz (testing trish) (...don't ask)

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zoe, she's Awoken to post,
The first, an "in Kate's bed" boast
Well, she said AMA,
So I guess I will say
"what do you like on your toast?"

bunch of australians crashing trains and stuff cause they fell asleep at the wheel cause their old pal tricia told them to

this was meant to be a reply to someone lol. but i hope you all sleep well. all of you. right now. i don't care about your time zone, go to sleep now wherever you are and whatever you're doing

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You and me fishing big macs out of a bag and taking turns taking bites out of them until they're all gone.

as a ghost queen I am cursed to be unable to see my own selfies, so I need you all to tell me if they're any good

(selfie, eye contact)

bro dude watch a gangster movie without suddenly obtaining any of the mannerisms, accents, or even attitudes of the characters challenge

Went to a concert tonight (selfie, no ec, boosts+) Show more

if you feel like an enby and you wanna be an enby you can just be an enby it's that simple

karen uses linux for work and never posts about it, this is a power level beyond description

norman corman waters down his sriracha with good old western family brand ketchup

norm core is short for norman corman, the most average white middle class man

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