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me and my husband Geoff are queering heterosexuality by rebranding our marriage as a "bicule"

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watching russian doll last night reminded me of my weirdest carnival story

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boys please don't explain things to me i already know exactly as much as i can stand to know

group selfie, eye contact 

cute binch coffee time with and

selfie, the mastodon crossover event of the season! 

getting breakfast with

selfies, ec 

just cuttin up with

@burgin *coldplay voice*
🎶 parrot parrot parrot eyes 🎶

if stewart doesn't start hrt by season 6 what's even the point

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two seasons into letterkenny and i can't decide if i love it or hate it but the skids are cute

almost a year has passed since my coming out video and i'm so tempted to edit the second half to include footage of me looking even hotter now, maybe hire a guy with a RED camera and a steadicam rig, or do bullet time, or,

you ever just have to keep starting a song over cause you're like i wasn't done feeling yet

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today's song i just gotta keep hearing is soccer mommy covering i'm on fire

okay so i died twice but otherwise dnd went okay lol

listening to "the stove and the toaster" to get hype because i have a tendency to look at everything as a heist

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i am also going to forgive myself for this, because i have been both busy and sick, and also because this is not high school, it is a fun game with friends

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my character got beaucoup gold in the last thing and also a cursed pearl embedded in her forehead, i was supposed to have been thinking these things over and also go shopping for supplies for the next thing. i am going to get there early and cram in the last 20 minutes before because i have learned nothing since high school

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i am thoroughly convinced that i would rule in an escape room scenario despite the fact that i have thought multiple times that my car was stolen when i was just in the wrong parking garage at tye mall

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