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standing offer: if you find a book available for "borrowing" on, I will obtain a DRM-free pdf of it for you

pirating movies is actually really easy and free

in 1975, i ventured into the jungles of upper burma looking for ayahuasca. not finding any, i resolved instead to invent a mouse that didn't got the rope attached to it

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Few understand that if you smoke weed when you're depressed you'll just get worse you gotta be happy to truly hit that shit

So I *did* made this, yay

Pixel-perfect fractional scaling by changing coordinate spaces!
Unless I've missed something very obvious, the implementation has turned out to be much simpler than I first anticipated. Let's see where it all goes from here.

@freakazoid I've come to prefer "operator" instead.

In particular, the distinction between "user" and "programmer" is an artifact of our presently barely-programmable and barely-usable computing systems. I would like to use the neutral word "operator" instead.


fool's gold. dipshit's bismuth. aluminum of the chump. these are just a few of the minerals the "courts" have legally prohibited me from trafficking in.

I need a timer app for my phone that is mario party themed

Like when you start it it goes "Start!!" and then mini game music plays until it goes "Finish!!"

Missed this rendition of the Gowanus bridges on two VHS tapes

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War and death on planet Mars
As you shoot, slide over cars

everyone who goes to clubs should be fluent in ASL like how is anyone supposed to communicate in these conditions

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