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standing offer: if you find a book available for "borrowing" on, I will obtain a DRM-free pdf of it for you

This whole mess just makes me think we should try harder to kick suid/fcaps out of general purpose Linux distributions. The whole concept is fundamentally backwards, and one of the major weaknesses of traditional UNIX I am sure. The idea behind suid/fcaps of first granting the privileges, inheriting some major, uncontrolled part of the execution environment/resource context/security context and then expecting the binary to securely gate its misuse is just a major mistake:

getting fired from apple for printing out little pieces of paper that say ".DS_Store" and leaving them everywhere

We fundamentally need a new type of option: the ability to grant software privileges that are completely phony. I need to be able to *pretend* to grant an app the ability to send me notifications, but then to have all those notifications sent into the void. Untrustworthy software should not be able to know what privileges I have granted it.

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android vs ios is just arguing about operating systems but gayer and more insufferable because you've allowed normal people to join in the arguments too

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files are one of the worst mistakes in computing

like i install chrome and it's like "here's chrome. the pristine new browser you just installed. the interface is sleek, and the spying is Completely invisible" whereas firefox is like "we're single-handledly saving the world wide web, recommended for you: our privacy button that enables privacy. and also would you like to play candy crush? do you wanna play Peggle extreme... in Reader Mode? we can synchronize your bejeweled colourways between your smartwatch and your samsung fridge"

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been using firefox for a few weeks and overall i'd say it's basically the same as chrome. however it does have a surprising amount of bullshit switched on by default. like that whole 'pocket' thing. they should ditch that if they really want to convince people they're our moral guardians

amazed to see so many tech people are still getting completely worked by the "new web standards are intrinsically good" thing. if you ask the average tech person they're like "yeah! i love it when there's new web standards. i love it when there's so many new web standards being created by google that it becomes impossible for anyone other than google to make a browser. i love that"

I really hate that the cloud flare error pages go "your network : OK 🙂👍, cloud flare: ok😊👌, www website dotcom: cringe!!! 😬 Fail" if I was paying for this shit I would be so mad

users desire a practical feature, however a developer, instead, desires an opportunity to explain why the data structures of enough video formats resemble one-way linked-lists so the feature is "algorithmically impossible", users counter with examples of other pieces of software that implement the feature, the gymnastics begin, and it becomes apparent to us, if not the people involved, that a fundamental philosophical debate is occurring about the nature of what 'solving a problem' even means

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The Politics of Bitcoin: Software as Right-Wing Extremism. David Golumbia

This seminal, important book details how bitcoin was birthed in and is influenced by extremist right-wing libertarian ideology.

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BLOG POST: On the relationship between QTT and STC

I noticed something interesting today about Quantitative Type Theory and Synthetic Tait Computability, which are two different approaches to _refinements_ in the context of dependent type theory.

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