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so I suppose I have this complex that I assume people matter more to me than I do to them - wait shit I gotta shower before work I'll finish this thought in a few minutes.

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please don't abbreviate game of Thrones as GOT in your CWs, people who filter Game of Thrones content (me) can't filter got because it's a common word.

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if you ate a saxophone, it would be a snacksophone

Pinned toot nutt i'm afraid i've just made the worst thing

The true Horseshoe Theory: both the economies of the U.S. (letting companies lobby/buy the government, Too Big To Fail, etc. etc.) and China (State-Owned Industry acting like one big corporation, with all the exploitation that entails) are both just State Capitalism, but approached from different directions.

how does one actually use the word kin? like say I was Lincoln Chafee kin or whatever.
do I kin him?
am I him kin?
can I say "kinning Lincoln chafee"?

Call Me By My Name, an academy award winning film that's just two hours of a trans person trying to get their family and friends to fucking learn their name already, it's not that hard guys

Legendary Apollo project programmer Margaret Hamilton, next to a printout of weirdo tech bro replies to her posts

anybody wondering how sel is doing their discord says they're listening to 100 gecs rn, so not great

I'm will toledo author of beach lifing death welcome carceral headset

when yr having a nice time and realize that the volume is only at 40% and then u have a Rlly nice time

mastadon change me from someone who post on twiter to someone who post onmastedon

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