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Ok looks like I'm going to run a fediverse Pokemon gym challenge. This will involve 8 or 12 people who want to play.

You will need 2 teams prepared (I'll give at least 2 months prep since no one has teams ready in SwSh yet). One is six of some type (type picks will be raffled, so you may not get the one you wanted most). The other is 6 to maybe 9ish (we'll decide that together) to challenge all the other gyms. You can have common Pokemon across both.

Reply here if you want in

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Intro Post:

I'm Tim. I post a lot about and other nerdy stuff. I wrote this in so if you stan emacs get the fuck outta my face

I'm into and any dicipline. My big thing is . I compete mostly in mountain uncycle events (MUni). This year I was 13th fastest person in North America in the 10k.

Avi by, pronouns are he/him or they/them.

Me trying to kiss the scuttlebug but she lunges at me, setting her home to my location.

I can't bring all the cute scuttlebugs together for a great big scuttlebug jamboree? Nintendo plz fix

Me waking up and walking down stairs to make toast: *yawns* Morning, flatmate!
My flatmate, who is a Super Mario 64 Scuttlebug: *moves towards me, jumping and resetting his home*

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if i were a musician my album would simply be all bangers. wonder why noones ever thought of that

You're Captain Falcon now! [jumps out of RAM (3.71 available lolololol)

personally i don’t think polnareff from jojo’s bizarre adventure would approve of transphobia

I'm sorry I keep boosting this, but I'm excited and I want to make sure everyone sees it so that anyone that wants to submit something can!


kojima writes two kinds of women characters: 1) women with powerful convictions who transform everyone around them 2) women who have their big tiddies out because they were genetically modified by secret government experiments to be able to breathe oxygen through their tiddies

hi if you ever wonder how obnoxious I am irl: I have just been howling at every joke in The Wrong Trousers and overexplaining every bit before it happens. knees have been slapped

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it's not that i don't have that many followers because i'm bad at this. i'm just more of a posters' poster. i'm tooting to the back of the room

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Go To White Castle

can cats have a little bit of Monica in their life?

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