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I'm Tim. I post a lot about and other nerdy stuff. I wrote this in so if you stan emacs get the fuck outta my face

I'm into and any dicipline. My big thing is . I compete mostly in mountain uncycle events (MUni). This year I was 13th fastest person in North America in the 10k.

Avi by, pronouns are he/him or they/them.

revving into High Gear and peeling out in the Walmart parking lot, screaming at the nearby assholes to buy the Spyro Reignited Trilogy

imagine having a dick bone only in the head. just swinging around like a flail

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I think I'm gonna start putting loctite on my eyeglass screws preemptively

IP banned from r/Philadelphia for making my 27th alt to ask where the creamed cheese is made

i don't think the knzk Obama is the real Barack Obama

so i guess someone named Melanie broke into my Spotify account somehow, they've been listening to shit for a few hours and adding songs to my playlists

anyway, now i'm making them listen to Where The Hood at, by DMX, at full volume, repeating the good part over and over again,

if you are looking for a instance why not try jorts dot horse, the instance for horse clothing enthusiasts and many a equine seamstress

I just looked at Facebook long enough to find out that someone I went to high school with sincerely shitposts their heart out on Facebook. Fuckin wild

rock-type pokemon gym where i am the gym leader, i do not have any pokemon, i just pelt the challenger with rocks until they leave

🎵 I just took a DNA test
Turns 👏🏽out 👏🏽I’m 100% in the FBI database 🎵

There is a twitter account called Science Diagrams That Look Like Shitposts and it is good.

coconut la croix is like menthol cigarettes in that if you can stand them, you buy them so that no one else will bum them off of you

dont you, forget about dre
dont dont dont dont
dont you, forget about dre

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