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Eye contact, briping 

Rise and grind let's hit this bripe

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Intro Post:

I'm Tim. I post a lot about and other nerdy stuff. I wrote this in so if you stan emacs get the fuck outta my face

I'm into and any dicipline. My big thing is . I compete mostly in mountain uncycle events (MUni). This year I was 13th fastest person in North America in the 10k.

Avi by, pronouns are he/him or they/them.

Find you a person who looks at you like Reggie Watts looks at this jello

Knzk logs in and sees the turban sage toot again. He knows there is only one thing he can do. This will be his final mission

bodily injury, photo with blood 

My first unicycle marathon was a lot more bloody than I hoped. But 2h05m is a time I'm pretty happy with

Test toot plz ignore. I’m just @Timmy now don’t bother following this account

Me: I should make a Win10 recovery flash drive
Also me: yeah but what if I just see if I can get linux to run inside PCSX2 instead

Probably my highest single credit area 51 score. I miss working somewhere with an Area 51 machine

Absolutely shattered. Can't believe that QAnon turned out to be an ARG by some piece of shit BuzzFeed writer

welcome to the future, the year 2022, everyone wears those scary anime sex masks now

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Did elchapo of kznk ever make another account? They had the good posts

If you know Elchapo kznk pls ask them to come back to the fedi, sincerely

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Hey you little pissbaby? You think you're so fuckin cool? You think you're so fuckin tough?

oh no, somebody vandalized the Karen & Laser in the Morning billboard out by exit 47 on the Radtown Expressway!! 🤯

why... why would somebody draw glasses on them??

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just saw a van with the business name “D&R EGGS” on it and i think the driver got a very good view of my face as my mouth said “:0 DOCTOR EGGS” as it went past

Last night someone shouted from their car "Having a nice stroll, asshole?" and I'm still confused about it tbh

Ice T saying “Anyone can get it!” in “Talk Shit, Get Shot” but he’s secretly coming out as pansexual. A secret just for him. @sexybenfranklin I kept scrolling Google images until I found one of him not in a necktie. This is his LinkedIn profile image, the one place that he should be wearing a tie on the internet.

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