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I'm Tim. I post a lot about and other nerdy stuff. I wrote this in so if you stan emacs get the fuck outta my face

I'm into and any dicipline. My big thing is . I compete mostly in mountain uncycle events (MUni). This year I was 13th fastest person in North America in the 10k.

Avi by, pronouns are he/him or they/them.

Doctor, doctor, give me the news I got a bad case of being pagliacci

Everybody mocks Jared Leto Joker for being TwIsTeD but have you considered that what is really twisted is our society?

when Leadbelly said "sometimes i live in the country, sometimes i live in town," i felt that

a vape rig with "come and take it" written on the side

Being unable to steer and having a hot motorcycle engine like a foot away from your face is extremely steampunk, I'll give it that.

smdh at people talking about their favorite cultivars of fruits like "look at me, i have a good brain and remember the produce in the fridge before it rots"

all fucken "my favorite persimmon is 'elegant damsel' wbu?"

candle salad is proof white people shouldnt be around food without supervision

you: hey want a salad
me: yeah sure
you: produces this monstrosity

[in the courtroom]
my lawyer: sure, homicide under normal circumstances, inexcusable, but your honour, this candle salad that was served proves it was self defence

the only thing standing between @yang and the white house is my dick and my balls

Business Insider

this millennial saved $50,000 by sleeping through breakfast every day for his entire life

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I was trying to find a cheap infrared usb security cam for testing countermeasures. It's pretty disturbing how many spy cameras come up on Amazon

the hormone for rejecting your masculinity, estradio

honestly the debate all makes sense if you consider that we're all in the dreamsleeve and the daedra are all vying to destabilize Nirn.

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