[Me, sobbing] You can't just call whatever you see a file, Linux.

[Linux, points at hard drive] /dev/sda

[Me] Please, no

[Linux, points at controller] /dev/input/js0

[Linux, points at the ever present void, just at the edge of our vision that we all try so hard to ignore] /̵͉͒̈d̸͍̙̯́͝e̶͔͗v̷͒̏̚͜/̸̺̝͆ṅ̸̫u̴̟̓̍͘l̶̦̣̃̃͝l̷͚̩̋

Wow this toot really blew up. While you're here, check out Evelien's soundcloud

[me] *eats big meal*
[linux, points at me] /dev/full

@Authoritimmy The ugly problem is BSD sockets and IOCTL operations are not files, but they should be under the same paradigm. Plan 9 to the moon! 🤣

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