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I'm back, but probably won't be around much this week.

My wife, the love of my life, passed away in her sleep overnight, and I'm gonna be a wreck for awhile.

I hope the two girls one cup girls are having a good day

calling it dungeness and dragons and making my dm crabby

Every fuckin time…
[teachers] We demand to be paid what we're worth and in conditions where we and our students can succeed
[media, everyone else] Wow you hate the children I see

Oh yeah I love butt stuff. I sit down all the time

Oh, and found out my estranged dad's dying from my Aunt on Sunday.

Fuck to October. You just got blue-shelled, binch. Favorite month to least favorite in two weeks. Get your shit together.

Cool, thought the pain in my lower leg was a leftover from my bad flu shot reaction this week, but it developed a rash, too, so went to urgent care, where I found out it's some cellulitis.

Got some antibiotics, and have to follow up with my doctor in the morning, but at least I didn't have to go to the ER. Might have to depending if it grows past the borders they drew, but hopefully a week of these diarrhea pills they gave me will help avoid that.

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"The fact that some people who oppose US interventionism can be suckered into cheerleading when the US government gives another authoritarian government the green light to kill thousands of people illustrates the consequences of founding one’s politics opportunistically on incidental factors, such as opposition to a particular prevailing empire, rather than on ethical principles such as opposition to all forms of domination."

Lmaoooo. The fucking GALL for him to title his book this way

some days it feels like I'm the only person who remembers Ed Snowden

"don't nationalize this big tech company!!! imagine if the government had access to this data!!!"

God Can You Imagine A Dystopia Where The Government Had Easy Backdoor Access To All Our Communications, What A Wild Hypothetical

They've got my wife's remains back and a preliminary cause of death. Hypertensive atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease.

At least I know now, it was sudden and painless, and I'm thankful it wasn't an accidental overdose on her pain meds.

My boss told me to take some time and get out early for the weekend, and our Slack bot automatically responds to "get out" with this, which was hilarious to me and mortifying to him.

A colleague showed this Untitled Goose Game-inspired poem to us (made by his wife)

What's better than this. Just guys being dudes taking a prolonged dump on company time.

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