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I'm back, but probably won't be around much this week.

My wife, the love of my life, passed away in her sleep overnight, and I'm gonna be a wreck for awhile.

The people who tell other workers "LeArN hOw To CoDe" are the same people who are currently complaining non-stop about having to teach and monitor the learning of their own children.

It's almost like we need other jobs besides tech workers circlejerking each other all day. Almost.


Just when we're almost clear of the dumbest "debate" ever, Politico had to put out a poll about American's opinions of cancel culture, as though anybody not online knows what the fuck that even means.

Twitter has locked down all verified accounts because of this hack and stuff like NWS accounts can't tweet about tornado warnings and stuff, like the one currently in southwest Illinois

the reason that hackers have the power to erase debts or destroy corporations but never do is because the hacking scene is basically fash

Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund here

Donations been flooding in from Ireland on account of support they received from the Navajo & Choctaw during The Great Hunger. Throw them some cash if you can.

A VP and senior Amazon engineer just resigned in protest of the firings of employees who themselves protested their pandemic response.

there's a .fail domain suffix and i feel like i need to register something good with it

no straight people only straight talking

Straight men are like "i have to get back to the ole ball and chain" when they are leaving a boys night to return to the only person theyve ever felt comfortable crying in front of

setting the bad dragon dildo cum pressure to "colonic genocide"

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