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I'm back, but probably won't be around much this week.

My wife, the love of my life, passed away in her sleep overnight, and I'm gonna be a wreck for awhile.

Even though I knew my result a while ago the official letter just came in and I got excited again

Hunter Biden was caught doing Crack Cocaine in a strip club. Under the Crack-Powder Coke disparity HIS FATHER crafted to target Black folks he’d have gotten minimum 5 years in prison. Instead he got to be the face of “Addiction as a Health Crisis” and everyone else got terrorist level sentencing.

Spending my morning watching old GBBO episodes and drawing Mary Berrys

fuck "successful" posts, all I'm asking on any of these is six boosts and nine favs

PSA: I'm over 30, so you should hit on me before my bones turn to dust

‪getting dommed by having my girlfriend install internet monitoring software that refuses to load any webpage with a boob or a swear on it ‬

A Pimp Named Goatback says "Trans Rights"

I'm infecting these goats and the in-laws' grandkids with leftist thought.

I painted a watercolor baby Yoda so now I can just look fondly on it with joy

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me, terrible at pickup lines: hey, that lipstick looks great on you. it'd look even better on the floor

Guys can’t accept that penises are feminine because it would crush them if the part of their body that gave them sexual pleasure made much more sense on a woman. And straight women can’t accept it because they’re lesbophobic.

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Who the heck called it “bottom surgery” and not 360 no scrote

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