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you: this is fucking awful
me: yeah it's great isnt it
you: fuck no this is fucking horrendous, terrible
me: yeah, thats what im saying, it rules

training on top of a mountain to become a huge bitch

every day i wake up and am immediately confronted with something like this and i want to go back to bed

are we sure we're not just thinking of the teenage mutant ninja turtles

why do i keep hearing about hillary's new york secret sewer mutant mole children. who is responsible for this

@bogperson420 m'lady, hadst thou perchance been receiving mine lewd missives, and if this be the case, whereforeth hadst thou not responded-eth uwu

Gee, the farmer in babe sure says "cum pig" a lot... πŸ€”

just decided danganronpa and funko pop are the same thing. thank you for your time

to save time and energy, i have decided blaseball and homestuck are the same thing. thank you

@esvrld i post just by slapping my fat tits on the keyboard by accident

i can't believe "i refuse to vote for anyone who requires an adult diaper" rules out both major party candidates in 2020

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