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honestly the main talent i bring to this place is my ability to remember each and every single horrible thing i've ever seen and being ready to bring them all back at a moment's notice so we can never be free from our past sins

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cucking Lot by shoving a sodom salt lamp up my ass

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Friends, enemies, welcome all to , the one day a year I unleash all the worst things in my collection upon the public.

a reading of The Human Pet Guy Post, You Know The One 

i feel like at any moment im just going to cough up a pool ball sized glob of vicous black sludge that is just the physical manifestation of all the evil i have internalized over the past twenty minutes

my dying wish is that @DeltaFlood be brought to justice for my murder and given the lethal injection

ive probably lost about a quarter-inch of enamel off my teeth from this thread

@DeltaFlood fuck you fuck you fuck you jesus god christ fuck i hope you burn in hell

how is each CW worse than the last. are you just pulling these out of a hat somewhere

Dregday, EXTREMELY Nsfw, The Lorax 

Boy Horror, Trans Fetishisation, Thirty One 

@DeltaFlood Thank you for the care and dedication that went into curating this unforgettable list. I may never sleep again.

re: description of inadvisable sex act, very gross 

Pokémon, Diaper usage 


re: The Dunning-Kruger Effect 

The Dunning-Kruger Effect 

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