thinking about spending several years going "haha yeah i'm a bad admin, i'm a total absentee and there's no moderation on this instance we're so dysfunctional haha" and then taking massive personal offence when people start getting mad at my instance for its shithead antics

@breakfastgolem @goat and then the admin, rather than say "don't do that", told people to grow up and let their users pollute the hashtag

:( I can't ignore harmful things about the instances I am on, woe is me.

@killeveryhetero for someone with "fight me" in their bio you sure seem to be remarkably thin skinned about good faith criticism!

@killeveryhetero you voiced a dipshitted opinion and then when someone mildly criticized you for it you doubled down and blocked them. you made your bed now lie in it.

@killeveryhetero this is such a ridiculous bad faith read of the situation. if you're so allergic to moderating a community then why did you appoint yourself as leader of a thousand person instance?

@robotcarsley @killeveryhetero so when multiple people post that people polluting this community resource is a problem and you decide to lolol about it rather than do anything about it, you don't think that's an example of irony poisoned dipshit behavior? you don't think ro is correct to point out that this is the sort of behavior you'd expect on the chans? you think "it's just a joke" is a good enough shield? fascinating.

can anyone help me i'm pregnant with the ghost of joe biden

didn't get much sleep last night, thinking of saying some slurs hey for what it's worth I'm sorry about all the shit you're getting, this is the exact kind of thing Jacques King wrote about tbh :/

*eating ground pepper with a spoon* it's called self care honey, look it up

for someone who is vehemently *not a furry* I sure have put a lot of hours into this incredibly detailed fursuit

Jeez mum I'm sorry I quit another job and now we have no money, but at this rate I'm just not going to get the Turkey Suit ready in time for Thanksgiving

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@vestal No the coronavirus has a #Pussy and #Dumptruckass Can’t say how i know this but we have had good times in the past

kinda fucked people are forming communities around fake shit like "being an immigrant in a nation hostile to your existence" and not real shit like "being a cartoon dog"

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heartbreaking: the worst person you know just made a great point

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