@telecrush@deadinsi.de hey for what it's worth I'm sorry about all the shit you're getting, this is the exact kind of thing Jacques King wrote about tbh :/

hey, so in case it wasn't obvious, i'm not really using this account anymore bc i've moved to monads

if we know each other go ahead and send me a follow request at @ArachnoCommunist if you haven't already

*eating ground pepper with a spoon* it's called self care honey, look it up

for someone who is vehemently *not a furry* I sure have put a lot of hours into this incredibly detailed fursuit

Jeez mum I'm sorry I quit another job and now we have no money, but at this rate I'm just not going to get the Turkey Suit ready in time for Thanksgiving

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@vestal No the coronavirus has a #Pussy and #Dumptruckass Can’t say how i know this but we have had good times in the past

kinda fucked people are forming communities around fake shit like "being an immigrant in a nation hostile to your existence" and not real shit like "being a cartoon dog"

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heartbreaking: the worst person you know just made a great point


wow i cant believe its finally confirmed that allison is the vriska of ksbd

lewd - gross - cursed - halloween 

🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

every year i like to gather up the family and so we can all watch my favorite vintage horror movie. yeah, the special effects are a little cheesy my modern standards-- but the suspense & dread in these older movies just can't be matched by anything today!! i get scared EVERY TIME!

🎥 ☠️ 🎥 ☠️ 🎥 ☠️


ok no spoilers again but tonights page is gonna be the cover of the last book and it looks Sick As Hell

food(?), cursed 

can someone check on reddit and make sure they're doing ok

i for one think it's good trump has an awful disease that will cause his internal organs to grow teeth and claw their way out of his rapidly decaying body

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