@meshe @selfagency @EgoDeathDaisy I thought I was looking at a Reason screenshot for a second (see actual reason screenshot below)

@selfagency @EgoDeathDaisy Looks like Factorio and Propellorhead Reason had a baby and I need it in my life.


I like to use an HDMI* port, myself.

*horseradish-definition multimedia interface

@EgoDeathDaisy I showed this to my son and he asked whether they are inputs or outputs.

@n8chz @EgoDeathDaisy power users can utilize component connections for ranch and relish support.

@EgoDeathDaisy For anyone too young to remember, red->right audio, white->left audio, yellow->video

@EgoDeathDaisy now that i see that, i cant un-see it. Ima call it that now!

@EgoDeathDaisy Add guac and blue cheese sauce for component cables

@EgoDeathDaisy as someone who grew up in this era and therefore learned the text by heart it took me a good bit to figure out why this picture was meaningful lol

@EgoDeathDaisy More specific image description:
Red, white, and yellow RCA (AV) ports labelled Ketchup, Mayonnaise, and Mustard respectively.

@EgoDeathDaisy right next to the Halal Doner Meat Intake and Digital Charcuterie ports! They really used to know how to make hardware.

@EgoDeathDaisy so, that’s where they got the colour scheme from. Must have been designed on a napkin!

@EgoDeathDaisy This is hilarious, but I can't tell you how much it bugs me that the red socket is to the left of the white socket.

I can't decide if it's awesome or hilariously dumb that RCA jacks are still supported on receivers.

@EgoDeathDaisy now I want to know who puts HDMI on anything they eat

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