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Fitness journey 

So, I'll be posting all my fitness stuff here. Im not really on a diet or anything to lose weight, but I do want to lose body fat and increase my muscle mass/strength. I'll be getting a scale that measures my BF % in the next few days, and I'll be tracking that here too. Feel free to mute "Fitness journey" as I'll be posting under this thread.

Anyway. Today I:
-did 30 min of dance cardio
-drank 32 oz of water
-haven't skipped any meals (just dinner left)

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Here's your periodic reminder that it's probably been too long since you last washed your makeup brushes


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Hey, it's SuperBowl weekend, so here's your perennial reminder that SuperBowl Champion Peyton Manning sexually assaulted a female athletic trainer, tried to blame it on a black teammate, then went on to break his own NDA about the situation TWICE to ruin her career. America's Sheriff in-fucking-deed

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@snakeboy 🎶youre an adult, you're allowed to make your own bad decisions🎶

Liked Neofeud? Check these out:
Umurangi Generation - Indigenous-made cyberpunk rebellion
Coyote & Crow - Sci-Fi RPG in uncolonized future, by Natives!
Technobabylon - Top-shelf cyberpunk point-and-click!
Red Strings Club - Is a life sanitized of all negative experience worth it?

lewd joke 

anarchists aren't into butt stuff cause they're not pro state

quick what's the link for the thing that gets around news article paywalls?

horse hooves are just big nails. which means theyre legs are just big fingers. which means they are just fucked up spiders.

I am extremely more online than O is and it makes for the most hilarious conversations sometimes

@Catsandcatsandcats making this meme is the most work a landlord has ever been paid to do

stupid bougie yt ppl shit 

I saw one of those "I refuse to sink" anchor stickers on a lifted truck, and,,,

ma'am, do you know what an anchor does???

@ItsJenNotGabby @Juju is this a good compromise? Please teach me the art of selfies :blobcatgiggle:.

CW: eye contact

If I create some pre-built meshtastic devices with nice cases would people in Portland be interested in buying them for ~$50 (that's cost)?

It's a little pocket size radio, with a battery that lasts 9 years, and if the grid ever goes down (or just for fun), you can: turn it on, connect up your phone/computer, and chat with other people on the network with a range of miles.

Gary was left on his own for two hours, which is about a million years in dog years.

He was so happy when I came back.

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