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a comfy wool sweater with fuck the police on it is a concept tho

I don't think I've ever been in a situation where I've had to bite a bullet what the fuck

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If this gets 20 favs I'll call off work and do drugs instead

Hey, everyone?

Can someone please tell me, what's the dill with pickles?

if this gets ten thousand boosts i'll ask my crush on a date

y'all must be deep in your REM cycles because this post was slept on! FOLKS,

@Granddad life IS like a box of chocolates. chances are, someone will take a sample bite and decide you're a nasty ass nougat mofo and toss the rest of you in the garbage.

....not that i've had ANY experience with that...at all...

Ok so one of the fyre fest organizers walked into a customs office and tried to suck dick instead of paying a fine.

Lord give me the confidence of a man that thinks he can give a $175k blowjob.

Does anyone else think political correctness has gone mad?

Justin is cancelled. Just decided

So I was going through my music for Justin's playlist, and I heard a song, and well :

If you had to pick one, what do you think my theme song would be?

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Ugh. US News is such bullshit nonsense. "Lin Manuel-Miranda is taking his Hamilton show on the road to Puerto Rico to help them recover from the hurricane"
Help them recover from what?!? A lack of milquetoast musicals? Fohhh with your "Grease, but political". People still dont have homes, or electricity, or enough food. Liberals are exhausting with their constant need to show off their "helping".

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