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Here's your periodic reminder that it's probably been too long since you last washed your makeup brushes

cc @siege

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Fitness journey 

So, I'll be posting all my fitness stuff here. Im not really on a diet or anything to lose weight, but I do want to lose body fat and increase my muscle mass/strength. I'll be getting a scale that measures my BF % in the next few days, and I'll be tracking that here too. Feel free to mute "Fitness journey" as I'll be posting under this thread.

Anyway. Today I:
-did 30 min of dance cardio
-drank 32 oz of water
-haven't skipped any meals (just dinner left)

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Hey, it's SuperBowl weekend, so here's your perennial reminder that SuperBowl Champion Peyton Manning sexually assaulted a female athletic trainer, tried to blame it on a black teammate, then went on to break his own NDA about the situation TWICE to ruin her career. America's Sheriff in-fucking-deed

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@snakeboy 🎶youre an adult, you're allowed to make your own bad decisions🎶

Yes, let mainstream media journalists have their own instance with quote tweeting and suchlike, whatever they want, and then I can block that instance.

U.S. Police kill more than 1100 civilians annually—unprecedented in the developed world.

A new app called TurnSignl, built by Black civil rights lawyers, deescalates police interactions with civilians & get everyone home safe.

Here's how it works.
1. Download the app
2. When pulled over by police, face time a lawyer on demand via voice activation. The call is also auto recorded
3. The lawyer guides the convo.

Download TurnSignl here or gift it to a loved one for free:

"Everyone is posting nudes" and all I got was this pic of an unusual hotdog container

He looks at the bees and says they’re “hurtin for a burtin”

My favorite pussy pic. Boosts ++ 

Hey there newcomers. It's The Hot Dog Picᵀᴹ. You're welcome 💛💛

Apropos of nothing I want to disavow any links to Pentagram's material that I might have dropped here when I tried them out this year. Yesterday I found out the singer's a serial harasser and general shitlord to women at shows, including women in other bands. That's not kvlt, dude, fuck you :saladcat:

i got a call from my favorite aunt and cousins and decided to dress up somewhat a little bit so i suppose this day isn't so bad.

Some Country for Old Men, as a treat

For the two of you whose ears I haven't yet talked off about it, I've been doing a food podcast with @Louisa for a few months now.

On every episode, we pick a food, plumb the depths of the Internet's comment sections to find out how other people have fucked it up, and suggest how to do it right.

Our Thanksgiving episode (turkey, natch) just came out today!

Listen: or the podcatcher of your choice

Follow: @NoSubsPlease

Body horror, gorgons 

So, when Medusa's snakes shed that's like the equivalent of having split ends, yeah?

I want to change instances, but I don't know where I want to go :blobpeek: :oh_no_bubble:

Please enjoy this AI-generated portrayal of Krampus and Santa Claus in a passionate, manly embrace. This is the energy we need to carry us into the holidays.

I have published an archive subscriber content post from 2020 on my blog

Here, I was connecting works on decoloniality that I was reading to what was happening on the fediverse at the time. Oddly enough, not much has changed.

#BlackMastodonHistory #BlackFedi #BlackMastodon

Just a few quick ideas:

Double-ended dolphin. Hammerhead giraffe. Sea bear. Septopus. Reverse zebra. Like, a really big frog.

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Love finding a wild ass thread on my home TL chock full of people to block. Thanks for whoever boosted it

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