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Fitness journey 

So, I'll be posting all my fitness stuff here. Im not really on a diet or anything to lose weight, but I do want to lose body fat and increase my muscle mass/strength. I'll be getting a scale that measures my BF % in the next few days, and I'll be tracking that here too. Feel free to mute "Fitness journey" as I'll be posting under this thread.

Anyway. Today I:
-did 30 min of dance cardio
-drank 32 oz of water
-haven't skipped any meals (just dinner left)

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Here's your periodic reminder that it's probably been too long since you last washed your makeup brushes


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Hey, it's SuperBowl weekend, so here's your perennial reminder that SuperBowl Champion Peyton Manning sexually assaulted a female athletic trainer, tried to blame it on a black teammate, then went on to break his own NDA about the situation TWICE to ruin her career. America's Sheriff in-fucking-deed

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@snakeboy 🎶youre an adult, you're allowed to make your own bad decisions🎶

Apology thread 

Hi! Yesterday, I was upset bc I had been blocked by monads for anti- Indigenous racism, while not knowing that's why I was blocked. This morning Nat took the time to call me out, which I appreciate. I have unrealized biases and made a comment that was rude, hurtful, and inappropriate. I want to apologize directly for the harm I caused. It is not an excuse, but I read it quickly, not noticing the name of the Indigenous hunters. Sid graciously clarified, and I left my comment up 1/2

dry dick this dry dick that, why don't you dry dicking some bitches

4 Michelin star restaurants 🤝 me

serving high quality meat

Once again having no idea whats going on or why but like,,,a bunch of my mufos disappeared??

Tfw you shit on a imperialist country and in response they shit on your country, as if you dont also hate your own country

1973 #MovieBowl Round of 16 - Match #7

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british mom to her kids: it's very disrespectful that you have pronouns and do not worship churchill. also I'm going to let a russian shoot you with a gun

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disqordia dot space is an active threat to myself and my friends' safety. please don't interact with them

Actually my posts are divine messages from our lord and savior Jesus Christ and require no computer processing power to arrive

yeah i got The Surgery (a second pair of balls behind the first pair)

Well, I guess for the rest of my life I’ll be the type of guy who proposes on Valentine’s Day…

ann, short for anarchy
ann, short for banana
ann, short for aneurysm
ann, short for antlion
ann, short for anagram
ann, short for antihistamine

@breakfastgolem we would like to - how you say - trim ze bush honh honh honh

Lolol. Some one just tried to scam me and sir. I am not nearly as stupid as I look. D - for effort

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