They didn’t have to call it caulk. They could have used a different word.

prince looked like a sexy scrappy doo

oj is guilty... of being an outstanding running back for the buffalo bills and usc trojans as well as murder and some other crimes.

You, a reply guy, foolishly responding to hornt: [a reply]

Me, brilliant goddess of sex and flirtation: [favs n boosts]

If you ever want to say something to a trans woman you don’t know just compliment her on a specific choice she made.

It’s the best feeling.

I'm not here to police my users' content, unless they post something I don't like.

the diner scene in heat but it's between me and my mortal enemy, Wendy from Wendy's

@ItsJenNotGabby ive bnever been this upset from being unable to do antything but laugh before

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