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Fitness journey 

So, I'll be posting all my fitness stuff here. Im not really on a diet or anything to lose weight, but I do want to lose body fat and increase my muscle mass/strength. I'll be getting a scale that measures my BF % in the next few days, and I'll be tracking that here too. Feel free to mute "Fitness journey" as I'll be posting under this thread.

Anyway. Today I:
-did 30 min of dance cardio
-drank 32 oz of water
-haven't skipped any meals (just dinner left)

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Here's your periodic reminder that it's probably been too long since you last washed your makeup brushes


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Hey, it's SuperBowl weekend, so here's your perennial reminder that SuperBowl Champion Peyton Manning sexually assaulted a female athletic trainer, tried to blame it on a black teammate, then went on to break his own NDA about the situation TWICE to ruin her career. America's Sheriff in-fucking-deed

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@snakeboy 🎶youre an adult, you're allowed to make your own bad decisions🎶

i'm not sure what's going on with tumblr teen girls but the fanfics they write always have men's buttholes self lubricate like pussies. sis.

White racist country that depends on slavery of black people undergoes economic collapse without its prison slaves.
Happy Juneteenth, slavery was never abolished in the US.

You: be a slut do whatever you want
Me, still unvaccinated and social isolating: *crying* i'm trying i'm trying

starting a company that makes fantasy dildos called "dragon with no intrinsic moral character"

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Girl are you the national lawyers' guild? Because I wanna write your phone number in sharpie on my arm

Boy are you the National Bail Fund Network? Because I want to get out of here with you

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Excuse me Mx, do you have a list of groups you help with? Because I think we could mutually aid eachother later

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Alabama prosecution drug case legal prescription 

Screenshot didn't upload, oops

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A comrade of mine is needing to find a safe place to crash for a bit in Denver. Her housing situation is getting worse as the person offering it is trying to sexually pressure her and she needs to get out of there.

Needs to be trans friendly and leftist.

Please let me know if you can help, she's a gem and in a bad situation.

Boosts are very welcome.

This is going to change college sports immediately and immeasurably and I for one am here for the new wild west of Commitment Day


The point has been made repeatedly, but I still cannot get over how "there is a market for labor, sometimes market conditions change, and companies actually have to participate in that market" is being covered like some crisis that requires desperate and unorthodox measures.


2 bad things happened concurrently:

1. They replaced the voice actress for Rebe on Elite

2. Redbubble has fucked up my order AGAIN and their "customer support" says my order doesnt exist so I can't exchange a thing I waited 3 damn weeks for


@JohnBrownJr It's such a great system that nobody will ever use. What am I gonna be like "damn, it's pretty hot. It's 559 degrees out today"

Oh you're vaccinated? No shirt, no shoes, no service no longer applies

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pdx traffic update 

If you can, avoid 84W and or 5S. The whole thing is a mess from like Tigard all the way past Hollywood District bc of an accident and the construction on Capitol Freeway

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