Does anyone else think political correctness has gone mad?

Justin is cancelled. Just decided

So I was going through my music for Justin's playlist, and I heard a song, and well :

If you had to pick one, what do you think my theme song would be?

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Ugh. US News is such bullshit nonsense. "Lin Manuel-Miranda is taking his Hamilton show on the road to Puerto Rico to help them recover from the hurricane"
Help them recover from what?!? A lack of milquetoast musicals? Fohhh with your "Grease, but political". People still dont have homes, or electricity, or enough food. Liberals are exhausting with their constant need to show off their "helping".

You have to be at least 35 years old to be the President of the United States, but you can be *any* age to be President of the American or National League, as far as I know!

The current NL President, Leonard S. Coleman Jr. is 69! Nice!

Anyway, 35 is also how many *days* are left before Lenny and his AL counterpart, Gene Budig, send all the little pitcherinos and catcheroonies back to school! Pitchy/Catchy School, that is!

I bet Weekend at Bernie's was an uncomfortable awakening for someone out there.

@comradetaylorswift is such an influential poster that I heard an actual Taylor Swift song and the first thought that popped into my head was "she's a comrade"

I'm declaring my love for you here in front of everyone. You, the cutie reading this. Yes you. No quit looking around cuz it's you. You cutie.

@god moving to @satan is just history repeating itself

@caprimoon Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day, a day as wonderful as you :blobcatfingerguns:

Pat: it is pronounced /Ègalitè/ you uncultured boor!
Roast beef: man there aint no two ways i even give a care i aint gonna put nothing in my mouth that requires goin to community college to study linguistics and tastes like two wet schnauzers gettin busy in a hot car

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looking forward to Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer's sternly-worded "we are going to go along with all of this but you'd better believe we are going to frown the ENTIRE TIME, mister" response

Did you hear about the Turkish baseball official? he's the Ottoman Umpire

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