The road to fascism is lined with people telling you to stop overreacting.

i would not shed a single tear if every LAPD officer was killed in the streets without justice

Sometimes people send me this image because they saw it online and they think I would like it, which is very flattering, considering I made it.

of all our halloween decorations this is what scares our neighbors the most

so what’s the porn parody of Inside Llewyn Davis called?

selfie, eye contact, boosts are okay 

the girl version of me on faceapp is seriously busted up

@BioHackerBI @JohnBrownJr damn. is your vehicle Linux or is that a specific OS they only use for clown cars

faceapp should have a filter that turns you into a avatar blue guy

Seattle Police Department: We Smell Like Baby Powder

NYPD: We Pooped Our Pants

Dallas PD: We Lick the Radios

wow this climate change stuff sounds pretty serious if only there was something the largest company in the world could do about it

god my problem is not "i don't understand it" it's fuckin "this distinction is hard for my brain to work with and ultimately doesn't matter anyway because it's contextually obvious what the intended meaning is"

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