Ridiculous! How would a horse even wear jorts?

If you're not a skater, guess what, I'm your hater.

Smash your wasteful and decadent machines. You can literally help make the world a better place by getting rid of Keurigs. Talk to your boss about how they're bullshit, wasteful, and expensive.

You folks want praxis and direct action? Shoot a Keurig.

It's literally the least you can do.

Rudolph is a terrible story what kind of message are we trying to send our kids here smh

I go out of my way to uncapitalize walmart or star wars or whatever my phone tries to auto capitalize bc it’s a Brand™️

My dearest tabitha,

We posted thru it today, although the TL was kinda boring tbh. We lost three good mufos to instance drama, a senseless loss that makes one wonder what posting is all about. Lewds are running low. The excitement over the passing of George Bush sr won’t last us thru the weekend, I fear. Hellthreads have claimed some of our most powerful posters. Pet pics sustain us now, please include a dog pic with your next correspondence, or if this ye cannot do:pls show the feet, sweetie.

Rob and Big is an underrated prestige television masterpiece

- milk in a bag
- really good healthcare

- wine in a bag
- really good healthcare

- no bag
- no healthcare


ignoring my friends and family, neglecting my children, and alienating my wife, being a terrible father and husband so I can achieve Greatness in the field of Posting.

@byttyrs "please papa," they beg, "may i have some dinner? we are ever so hungry!"

"did u say content?"

"no, papa, food, sustenance, perhaps even a fresh vegetable?"

"Thicc Nicc"

Tfw u destabilize a region ensuring decades of involvement and billions of dollars in spending

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