Kids either shower for 45 seconds or about 75 minutes and nothing in between.

Too bad Black Panther the marvel property has shitty neoliberal politics and nothing like those of the actual Black Panthers

This is a great hack for tricking people into interacting with you.

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Where there's piss, there's shid.
Know the warming signs, Remember, kid's, only YOU can, prevent doodoo ass.


90% of the time, given any random stimulus, my brain will find a way to relate it back to Epic Rap Battles of History (or ERBoH, as us in the ERBoH Fandom call it).

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Imagine all that insane word salad being spouted by his thick Scottish brogue

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Hi! (EC) [say it back] 

What's up siblings, it's me..

Sean Connery should have played the character The Architect from the The Matrix Movies serieses of film's, just in my humble imo

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Whenever someone says, "ok now listen up gang" u can probably disregard whatever it is they're about to say.

Too sexy for this shirt
To sexy for this yurt
To sexy for this gurt

Who wants to see a XXX-tremely🔥HOT🔥couples' lewd pic @beerforbreakfast and I took last night shortly before Fucking?

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‼️‼️‼️You have 30 Minutes‼️‼️‼️
(They always give an ultimatum)

((Keep in mind I'm probably gonna just post it regardless of what happens here))

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You ever hear an EV car when it starts to charge? On like an at-home 120 or 240 volt charger, not a DC/quick charger. It sounds funny. Like it's gulping down the juice. I love it.

Happy Mother's Day to all the hot restaurant and retail mom's out here who are celebrating the monday after, as is tradition.

My guts have been all fucked up lately. I've already taken three shits before the time I would normally take my first.

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