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My "Joe Biden did 9/11" shirt seems to be answering a lot of questions asked about my "Joe Biden did 9/11" shirt.

A vast operation orchestrated by CIA & US military intelligence was launched to smash all workers & peasant organizations, to hunt, detain, torture & kill leaders & militant workers who were abandoned by the Allende govt without the weapons, training or leadership to resist.

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They hate us for our titillating service workers and processed foodstuffs.

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I used to write a lot of 2-4K word essays, and then eventually I figured out you don't read them all; or at least you rarely do.

I've spent the past few years, purposely boiling down what I have to teach to you to what I call "the essential 800 words." Yes, this means sometimes we have to take big concepts and break them up into a bunch of smaller articles - but I'm not writing to hear myself talk, and if all the metrics I have access to tell me the folks got patience for 1,000 words top; well I'm here to talk to the folks, in a time of rising fascism, on a boiling planet.

I simply don't have time to demand they learn school again. If Mao could run an entire revolution with fucking four line poems, I can solve this problem.

But yeah, it means the shit is short and punchy. Don't blame me, that's just how information works now.

I propose removing several words from the English language

💯'One possible solution to poorly #ventilated #classrooms is provision of 'air cleaning technologies' that remove particles from circulating air - including: the Covid-19 virus and other pathogens, as well as particles that can cause asthma or hay fever.'

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never took Elon to be a Pixies fan but what other explanation than him really wanting to make some monkeys go to heaven

If I want to have a dataset (think 1500 x 50 Excel spreadsheet) online, with some people allowed to edit some columns but not others, some allowed to add rows, but only delete rows they add....

Is that even possible? I know - or rather used to know - how to do databases with record and field locking, etc. But I'm wondering if some of the new stuff that's appeared, like Airtable and what not, that would allow me to have some real granular permission controls over something that is basically just a spreadsheet - and not really a particularly big one compared to some I've done.

How are you going to repeal the Universal Declaration of Rights of Man and the Citizen, if you can't even thrust your right hand over your breastbone through a zip-front?

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