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@BrokeAssStuart A week ago I saw one stopped in the middle of an intersection and causing a traffic jam,and the next day another was getting onto the freeway at 20 mph.

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A driverless car rear ended a Muni bus in Haight street today.

Pics via @realpaintedladies_sf on IG

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contrary to popular belief insomnia is actually really healthy and hot to have

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@ErinInTheMorn This exactly is how elected progressives should behave. These are the stakes. No niceties, no compassion. Only war and cruelty. Their lives should be ruined, and they shouldn’t be acknowledged as human. They will never be redeemed and they will never have value.

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@ErinInTheMorn Others need to follow her lead.

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"You really don't get that the session is over."

Senator Megan Hunt says they will filibuster everything, even progressive bills put forward, if Nebraska moves forward with its attempt to ban gender affirming care for trans youth.

This is fight.

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New Studies Show SARS-CoV-2 Disables At An Alarming Rate

Follow these five easy steps to pretend it's not happening.

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sorry i didn’t tweet on here at all today guys i started taking a mood stabilizer and now i'm not obsessed with hasan piker anymore

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I'd tell you a great time travel joke, but you didn't like it.

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Biden Announces New Plan To Squander The Remainder Of His Presidency

An exclusive look inside the White House with corporate lobbyists.

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Bordeaux town hall is set alight during nationwide protests in France. The entire country is on the streets but there's almost zero news in the British media for fear it would spread here.

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what is the most optimal cat toy and why is it tampons

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Over a million French protesters gather in Paris calling for the removal of Macron the Dictator. 🇫🇷🔥🇫🇷

The People are DONE with WEF tyranny! 🔥🔥🔥

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The Truth About Long Covid Is Finally Emerging. Here Are Ten Untruths To Muddy Those Waters.

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French people protesting against Macron is getting next level.

Remember how garbage collectors stopped picking up the trash. Now farmers are dumping waste, manure and tires in front of préfectures, county admin buildings.

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The Vertlartnic Editorial:
Our Ironclad Promise To You - We Will Only Platform Smiling Doctors That Say Happy Things

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Sherry Boston is the Georgia prosecutor who without a valid legal basis charged dozens of peaceful Cop City protestors as "terrorists" and jailed them without trial. I consider her a major human rights violator and an embarrassment to those she serves.

Shameful abuse of power.

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