Now they you know Elon Musk exists, you are never allowed to have imposter syndrome again.

You are healed. I have healed you

@MoBlack Elon Musk healed me! He is the messiah! I can walk again!
*falls in hole*

@MoBlack The difference is that he has the resources to get away with being an impostor.

@MoBlack A deep mysterious voice says "Compassion is a rarity in the fevered pitch of battle." *Healing sound effect from Darkest Dungeon plays along with a big green number hovering over my head for a second.* Ah thanks, that feels a lot better.

@MoBlack He's the dictionary definition of White Dude Failing Upwards turned up to eleven.

@MoBlack Sorry, Mo, doesn't work, because I know I'll never be as big a bullshit artist as Elon Musk! 🤣


but Elon Musk is just giving my imposter syndrom imposter syndrome

@MoBlack He WAS sus all this time. But I might be the _second_ impostor!

@MoBlack that's right! I stuffed up at work yesterday and calmed my nerves going into the 'wash-up' meeting with 'at least I didn't kill the service that sends out the emails with factor-2 activations!'.

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