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you eat boiled eggs because they are a cheap source of nutrients and a delicious breakfast

i eat boiled eggs because I am the chuck yeager of farts

we are not the same

me when gargron asks me for design ideas for mastodon

some might call my karl marx piggy bank ironic but i legitimately find it useful

call me woke but 60+ cm cucumbers like the one i purchased tonight are normal seasonal produce and not a sign of the increased sexualisation of our society.

re-evaluating life choices as i pay for netflix instead of mr poo plates smh

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them: what type of boss are you?
me: *points at the vauxhall* :bloblewd:

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i am fully aware i am setting myself up for monts more of being advertised the ORG4SM plate and i LOVE IT

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i just think it's crazy the queen disappeared mysteriously and nobody replaced her or said anything about it like we all decided that was enough monarchy and pretended it never happened

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lo-fi hip hop radio 📚 beats to seize the means of production to

you never really hear about the queen any more i wonder what happened to her

living in a small town in the north of england means sometimes you have to drive 55 minutes for a burrito but i will not be deprived of what my soul desires.

i looked up novelty vanity plates and now as trackers are trying to sell me this ORG4SM plate really hard

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