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Hey if anyone wants a guide to making a podcast, mine is now available as a webpage thanks to my pal and co-host @BestGirlGrace

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Episode 2 of Warehouse 69 up now. You should be able to find us on everything but apple podcasts now

How'd I get this far behind on editing the podcast without realizing it. Gonna have to find time to get this caught up

pics of me EC boosts ++++ 

i set up my "arty gay cool tutoring" area again which had been languishing for weeks just for the occasion

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I have built a machine for separating art and artists. I have been told it is very painful and awfully wet

Oh my god what if I tattooed my feet to be checkered vans

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Bryan StreefightRadio really does seem to think of people like me (anyone who lives in ohio except Cinci, Flavortown, Cleveland, Toledo) as subhuman

I didn't expect to fire up a podcast and hear some dude say "My dad's a Nazi so fuck that guy"

I feel that you should be aware that some asshole is posting stupid toots from your account

50 years later and this is still the greatest legal response ever made

"Please let this be a normal adventure."
"With a JoJo? No way!"

NYC crime and bail reform 

Reading about why crime is up in NYC and how it isn't bail reform but in fact cops using CompStat to increase crime rates

every time you try to learn something, something confusing will happen. this is a sign that you shouldn't try

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