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I hate writing posts, but I haven't done one on this account and should probably pin one. I'm pretty into every discipline, but I'm far more serious about . I try to be friendly to new people on here, so try not to be a shithead. Not always super comfortable socially but I try.

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If anyone from Jorts is being a dickhead in your mentions/DMs, it’s always OK to DM me about it. I can’t do much, but I will do something.

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Hey if anyone wants a guide to making a podcast, mine is now available as a webpage thanks to my pal and co-host @BestGirlGrace

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Episode 2 of Warehouse 69 up now. You should be able to find us on everything but apple podcasts now

Love people who are actual size they’re so hot 😻

I’m sorry everyone, I’m the vegetarian that was mad at raspberry pi for posting hog without a CW. I know it seems excessive to organize a shadow campaign to milkshake duck a computer company, but some things are simply unforgivable

I like that they think, after the dunking they got yesterday, Raspberry Pi's co-founder blaming it all on whiny vegan piss babies was somehow not going to result in a further significant dunking today


Hashed browns with truffle hot sauce, cooked in ghee with some ognion

it's genuinely difficult to think of something funnier than "we hired a cop with a background in electronic surveillance" to post here. it's like if you asked me to come up with a magic phrase that would cause everyone to lineup and kick you in the nuts, i wouldn't suggest that because it's TOO on the nose.

I'm trying to perpetuate a benign war here and am misrepresented at every turn

Describing this as "Mastodons First Main Character" is offensive to literally every other main character we have here

I do not believe this interview could have gone worse. I am absolutely delighted by every part. A+ funniest report possible

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Everyone in the discord has agreed to post “Uz Lipton”. The vote was 50000 to zero.

No one was even a little bit mean in public. I can’t promise that no one sent death threats, but the public comments were mostly “ah geez I really like your smol computer, you should consider the optics of working with police like this” :ban:

*holding a cartoonish bag of cash labeled "ARDUINO BRIBES"* it's time we cancel Raspberry Pi

John McTiernan 🤝 New raspi guy
Illegal wiretapping, probably

I would like to be clear that I did not attempt to bofa raspberry pi for being cops because of a secret anti-pi discord cabal, but because they deserved it.

when guys from the 50s called each other "cats" it was because they were furries

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