Me: InCase's background dog is not real, he can't hurt me

InCase's background dog:

Jose Canseco tweet 

If Jon Bois thinks he can trick me into liking sports he's got another thing coming.....

[Watches several more hours of sports videos]

father: da-da
mother: ma-ma
nb parent: ora ora ora ora ora

still marveling at how big the open world is in that zelda game. just gotta admire the breadth of that fuckin' wild

UsPol shitpost 

if i dont know you, please dont be a sex creep in my mentions. unless you pay me per reply

There are only two kinds of video games: walking simulators (any game where you can walk, such as Mario or Zelda), and flight simulators (any game where you move around but aren't walking, such as Ecco the Dolphin or Tetris)

I hear this installment is going to tell us why the animals are so cross

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