A jortshorse galloper? In this economy?

I guess if you want this thing, go nuts: zazzle.com/z/q0vkypzz

If this somehow makes me money I’ll donate it to something I guess. Also if you buy this shirt (why?!), make sure to use a promo code or whatever like JULBLKFRIDAY

@verita84 you admin a free speech instance and have 49 followers. If I stop having pronouns in my bio I can be just like you?!


Yes, fren. Remove the bios and become based. This is a new instance btw.

@verita84 oh looks like your blockbot doesn’t work if I block the entire domain. I’ll give you what you wanted

@verita84 @Timmy this makes you more intelligent by 30,000% All people who have pronouns in bio unironically are highly intelligent individuals

@Timmy@jorts.horse Mine will just say "I'm incredibly unpopular" cuz that covers everything

@Timmy this is a mood, also we just hit 375 followers, thank you to all of you, i couldn't have done this without all 375 of you people (and probably bots) hitting a button

You don't even provide the number of users who blocked you, pathetic

I guess it is somehow, surely not easy to obtain.

@fu @Timmy I visited the Zazzle link from this post ( jorts.horse/@Timmy/10869189508 ), created an account, caused monies to be credited from my bank account and debited to Zazzle's, and now I am awaiting the delivery of two silly shirts

We'll see if it actually happens, if a physical object manages to break out of the fediverse and into my wardrobe

I remain skeptical but optimistic

@Timmy The kind of shirt that you wear and nobody understands but when *one* person does you know they truly get you.

@Timmy I don't get it. Is this a quote? And if… from whom?

@Ojelabii not a quote, aside from the trivial case that I said it while making this. It’s just a little joke about being on here. It’s taken on a different tone now that it’s my most popular post

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