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And you may find yourself, wondering what's with these homies, dissing your girl
And you may find yourself asking, why do they gotta front?
And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile wondering what you ever did to these guys
And you may ask yourself, what made them so violent?

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Tired: non fungible tokens
Wired: nonsensical fucking toots

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Hey everyone calling for the ability to quote other ppl's posts, remember when a woman on birdsite got harassed to the point of having to deactivate several times, because of the crime of making a fucking chill for their neighbours.

THE INVENTOR OF THE INTERNET: what if I told you that you could communicate with idiots from all over the world

Wow. Jimmy Fallon is refusing to pay his staff. Who could’ve predicted that a blackface performer would do right-wing unionbusting violence?

7 years since the spotting of the Burger, She Wrote van. Never seen it again since.

bluesky made a moderation decision!

they didn't ban the nazi the devs are following

they did make a new rule that the post would have been against

they didn't act against the account

the new rules also appear to ban doxxing nazis or advocating punching nazis. i wonder* how those will be interpreted.

and in conclusion, the purpose of a system is what it does

Though I was out on the 35% question, I managed to get the answer to the ever decreasing questions and recognised the pattern for the 1% question, the pattern jumped out immediately

One gotta go

When I was in Wellington, New Zealand, I was entranced by their unusual crosswalk icons. I asked my new friends there about them. I was told a story about a drag performer and activist by the name of Carmen Rupe. She was a trans woman who was also Māori (native people of NZ).

Her story is pretty cool. And it’s awesome that NZ honored her this way.

#Trans #Transgender #LGBTQ #DragQueen #Drag #Wellington #NewZealand #NZ #GenderEquality #Activism

Isaac Cordal's sculpture depicting politicians discussing global warming is uncomfortably realistic.

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