Opioids are not only a highly addictive form of pain killers, but also what I call my army of Ron Howard clones

Hearing about a dog being 'humanely' destroyed, which is such a weird thing to say, I get it, they didn't shoot the dog out of a cannon into a wall, but humanely, when it wasn't human, a bit odd.

Baby's out here like

'THE MAN* is trying to KEEP ME DOWN**'

*my loving father
**literally feed me the food I need to live

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we have a couple more years until the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie The Running Man has to be considered something of a preemptive documentary.

Being a bigoted conservative must be the most exhausting shit imagineable. Just literally being pissed off about everything, all the time with no breaks at all, and they wonder why nobody wants them around.

The pink fairy armadillo (Chlamyphorus truncatus), is the smallest of all armadillo species. Itโ€™s found only in Argentina, in a broad swathe of sunbaked scrubland that stretches from the foothills of the Andes to the coastal province of Buenos Aires.

In the '50s, thugs like those in the Thomas More Society would have descended on the local gay bar with baseball bats or taunted the class tomboy until she hanged herself. Now, they can just pretend to be parents concerned about "gender ideology." #LGBTQ+ popular.info/p/inside-the-auda

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