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I'd NEVER go to the Grand Canyon, what if I said something stupid and it echoed all across America? No, I'll stay here online where that's impossible

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in the house of my lord, explaining how I switched my dog's diet so they fart a little less out of nervousness when we have visitors so he should come by sometime

the big book of anti-authoritarian hair styles

tired: free as in freedom
wired: free as in puppy
inspired: free as in fuck you

a king packs lightly for a guilt trip while I can't even afford one

faraday chastity belt so they can't steal my sperm's thoughts

faraday chastity belt so they can't steal my sperm's thoughts

Mayonnaise separates the hell boys from the hell mans

@Z blockchain-adjacent BOFA CRM that helps you retain customers (a CSV of broke clowns that i will ridicule daily)

secure zero-trust ligma service using the latest machine learnings

new type of guy that creates new type of guys

subscribe for more news about my comedy special, Farting Hard or Hardly Farting?

started this recipe 6 years ago and been chillin to this very day

what's love? is about us, it's about crust

leaving a two-star review on the taco truck in white people heaven, just blissin out

all the other kids with the pumped up cakes

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