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Anyone who talks about "biotruths" gets the airlock.

When you say "working class," all that suddenly falls away when you effectively define your terms - the credit and consumerism and the economic value it creates, in addition to the white and hetero Leave it to Beaver imagery. Money talks.

A lot of this white picket fence imagery is tied to the Cold War hyperconsumerism that treated housing as semi-disposable. In the infamous "kitchen debate," Nixon tried to sell Khrushchev on the idea of cookie cutter starter homes by saying that the easy credit of mortgages enables upwardly-mobile families to buy and sell homes as needed, and that's the crux of why we as a society fetishize this instead of actual workers.

Politicians use the term "middle-class" instead of "working class" because it's racialized, obviously. It's also tied into the heteronotmativity of the nuclear family, and the generation of credit and highly-valued debt. The middle-class is getting married and having kids. Townhouses and suburbs. Cars. Mortgages. Credit cards.

a fun tip for happy children: you can remove anti-homeless bars by unscrewing the “security screws” with a security torx such as the ones linked below this post

Most of the former have developed their skills and their senses of self and are still making art. Most of the latter expend a significant amount of their days quote-tweeting.

One of the more important things I've realized being online is that the people cooking awkward teen JRPG-ass OCs up and posting them were living a better life than the people who spent time making fun of them.

the government cant stop you from vaping on the bus if you sign everything in blue ink. read the constitution

cryptosexual is like sapiosexual but youre only attracted to people with high enough iq to understand the blockchain

theyre going to teach rats to use tiny machine guns next

might pivot to accusing anyone who likes disco elysium of being a trot and having huge meltdowns over it

rating jokers according to how many times they would go on the joe rogan show

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you fought for my freedom, bro? you did that? did that include the freedom to Fuck Your Wife? Yes it did. It did, bro.

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