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boy are you a blockchain transaction because i am extremely uninterested in an explanation for your behavior

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buying a crossbow from amazon dot com for jeff bezos related reasons

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Anyone who talks about "biotruths" gets the airlock.

Always a good sign when news outlets are reaching out to your publisher for comment on day one of your book dropping.

Ready Player Two, sex, cursed 

Just got to explain the consoomer meme to someone who's markedly less online, while discussing Ernest Cline.

That "The" is intentional, to draw out people who think it's the best one.

AHS is a show for people who say that The Silence of the Lambs is the best one, and haven't watched Manhunter.

The overlap of the pop-cultural affectation of persecution and the part-and-parcel "nerd" skills being incredibly overvalued by the dot-com boom produced some of the worse demon-children LOL.

I didn't have a clearly-articulated understanding, but I definitely clocked things like "they're being assholes about anime because they don't have a total stranglehold on who gets to be into it" on an instinctive level.

As a little kid, I had a lot of friends who were girls who were into anime and would let me watch it with them, which probably dialed my asshole nerd radar in precisely and at an early age. I always felt deeply alienated by traditional "nerd" spaces characterized by cape comics and such.

There's no value attached to the actual politics when you don't believe in anything, besides protecting your position as a wealthy white woman in a society with a formal class system. I'm sure if you were in a position to get an honest answer, she'd say he represents, I don't know, the trans communist cancel culture as much as he does whatever her apprehension of vulgar fascism is, if not more. And that'd be accurate.

Harry Potter makes a lot more sense when you realize that Voldemort is the existential evil because he's the only agent of change in a fantasy world cooked up by a centrist Blairite, not because he's Wizard Hitler or whatever.

proving how good i am at politics by engineering a series of increasingly shitty trolleys

Tinder is great if you want to know what a polyamorous cop is like.



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