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Updated with the summer goth look I will never do IRL because it would kill me.

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Anyone who talks about "biotruths" gets the airlock.

The plugs and ad pivots on Infowars are bananas. They'll be yelling about absolutely wild bullshit nonsense and then pivot to someone's legal defense fund or T-shirt sale on a dime.

Politicians releasing playlists is the corniest, fakest shit.

which one of the k c green anime club guys would be the admin that melts down and deletes the instance

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People on Twitter still wasting time acting like fUrRiEs ArE wEiRd while Santa Cruz Joker is out running around Socal in a full Joker getup and calling Joker's Trick stolen valor.

Posters aren't a lost science, look at the Mandy and John Wick 3 posters. You can do one for Star Wars still.

Come on, Disney. You could impulse-buy nuclear submarines. Pay someone to do some decent 2D art.

Most of our blockbuster media is owned by one company and it can't be fucked to make cool posters.

We can't slam billionaires' skulls into the sides of dumpsters behind clubs, so we shit-talk them online when they finally run out of life-extending juice. It's what we have.

ITS MY BIRTHDAY GIVE ME BOOSTS actually I don’t care

Shitty social circumstances don't make "better" art, they just make art that's angry in the same way you are because you're also miserable. Well, except for the disaster tourists, but fuck them.

I've come a long way on here since people from Cybre would enthusiastically spend multiple 500-character posts explaining cryptographic hashes so I'd like Bitcoin. (They do not do this anymore.)

I just saw a guy on Twitter whose whole thing is doing Joker cosplay in public as a normal outfit accusing the Joker's Trick joke account of basically being stolen valor.

Fucked up that Russia is capitalist now but Aeroflot still gets to use that sick ass logo.

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