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I'm doing final editorial passes on a twelve-chapter novella, and will try to publish one a day as I work through that. This is the first one. Patreon is terrible at text formatting, so I attached a PDF file you can download and read normally.

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boy are you a blockchain transaction because i am extremely uninterested in an explanation for your behavior

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buying a crossbow from amazon dot com for jeff bezos related reasons

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Anyone who talks about "biotruths" gets the airlock.

Something I've implemented into my general "look," as far as that term goes, is a collection of silver jewelry. Makes people have a harder time blithely misgendering me.

Listening to to my favorite Eurythmics tracks, and they still go hard.

Giantbomb doing the inevitable after being acquired by Fandom and axing everyone worth a damn is so predictable. Publicly ejecting Voidbirger. May as well just shutter it now and be done with it.

Poutine Discourse in my mentions over on Twitter.

Okay that One Post isn't going around anymore, so I think I can unlock. (It wasn't anything bad, I just went mildly viral and didn't want a bunch of rando follows.)

There's a smoke shop in Orlando called "Degenerate Vape" and I have to wonder what it's like in there. Probably bad.

Thinking about the "bad raps" Anime Sickos bit where one of them sounded visibly distressed by white suburbanite influencer TikTok rapping.

Looking at listings in Philly is still making me feel like I'm imagining something. $1400 a month. This would get you folded up into a trash compactor in the Bay Area. There would be no internet hookup.

Learning about upsetting bottom-shelf Australian sodas.

God I'm glad people don't get crushes on me, that's too much to deal with most of the time.

My shitty DSL is out for the night, and I can't even bitch about it on Twitter because the API is dead. Welp.

Going to start charging people who say "LGBTQ-friendly" and "glow-up" to me until I live somewhere where I can get my injectable estradiol prescription filled.

I know I'm getting a lot of mileage out of the homo-sexual underground, but I just tried to explain to my mother that Benoit Blanc is very clearly supposed to be gay. Didn't stick.

Back in San Jose, which means all the people around me are asking me how my "visit" with my "friend" went.

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