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I'm doing final editorial passes on a twelve-chapter novella, and will try to publish one a day as I work through that. This is the first one. Patreon is terrible at text formatting, so I attached a PDF file you can download and read normally.

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boy are you a blockchain transaction because i am extremely uninterested in an explanation for your behavior

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buying a crossbow from amazon dot com for jeff bezos related reasons

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Anyone who talks about "biotruths" gets the airlock.

Imagining the scene in Scott Pilgrim updated so he excitedly says "she's *trans*."

Girlfriend is watching a four hour hbomberguy video about other YouTubers. Is the some sort of diagnostic criteria?

Getting one of those .50 Beowulf uppers for Cybertruck reasons

"Trans people are on TV" is a statement of neuropolitics, not "progress." It's an interstitial period where the periphery is distant or diffuse enough that consuming its people is fashionable in the metropol. The metropol, in this case, is people who abuse the Giphy keyboard.

scott pilgrim oldhead having a cigarette put out on him by a homestuck oldhead

It seems like the Dupixent has started working, although I can't really say for sure whether it's just the ebb and flow of the thing. I've been much less deep-fried lately, so I guess I'll call it a provisional win.

scott pilgrim oldhead having a cigarette put out on him by a homestuck oldhead

Wow! The Golden Throne accepts gender-nonconforming psykers as sacrifices to the dead emperor now!

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I wonder if the people who desperately want the Imperium of Man to be "progressive" understand the politics they're displaying. By and large I cannot imagine them being in on the joke of there being women Space Marines and homosexuality being "allowed" in the xenocidal zombie hell empire.

going to start referring to all american animation as homestucklikes

Going to get really high and rewatch True Detective S1 later.

we need ultra motion smoothing. give me the 90fps

This guy was waving at me from inside his car, but not like "hey, I need something." That fingers-to-palm wave. Whatever, dude, I'm not walking up to your car.

The backwards cap has a unique "i think i hauve covid" effect on some specific personality types, in my experience.

Aaahahaha AGAB describing Baldur's Gate 3 as "a dating sim where you occasionally have to kill a bunch of gnolls."

The end of Succession is absolutely miserable. Perfect.

"Nasty" is a much higher compliment than "cute," coming from me.

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