Here's an NTSC version of the pride test pattern if you want to do some analog-looking stuff with it.

Very stupid technical joke 

@Zero_Democracy I'm confused, that can't be NTSC, I see the same colour twice.

@Zero_Democracy Wait does this imply the existence of a PAL version?

not actually serious 

@Zero_Democracy calibrating my nes palette to this

@Zero_Democracy Fuck, I made this around the same time but that's so much better.

@Zero_Democracy I have re-calibrated my equipment accordingly. Probably still needs PLUGE, though.. 😛

@Zero_Democracy 100% if I need this for any VHS tapes I'm making I'm gonna hella use this

@Zero_Democracy is this like something where you look at it and discover you might be... gasp!

@Zero_Democracy have to ask - if I were to use this in @show videos at any point - would that be okay and how would you like to be credited?

@Zero_Democracy really tempted to use it fir my banner here would that be okay?

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