This is still my favorite meme in the "pastel vaporwave-looking stuff with slime font" category.

As someone who engages with a *lot* of conspiracy stuff: yeah the ancient aliens shit is just racism and weird colonial fantasies.

@Zero_Democracy It's up there with "Lizards run the government" in terms of white anxiety

@Cables Ohhhhhhh yeah and a lot of alien stuff, especially from the '90s conspiracy renaissance onward, has a lot of crossover. There was a distinct shifting of antisemitic tropes and other xenophobia onto the "bad" aliens.

@Zero_Democracy it’s great seeing people realize that ancient astronaut theories come from racist assumptions, turning those same theories on their heads by suggesting stuff like Stonehenge and the Colosseum were built by aliens, and watching white people freak out about it.

@kaptainwalcott I've used this to troll people and it makes them very mad online for some reason I'm sure has nothing to do with sublimating European whiteness onto the Greeks and Romans so they can fetishize marble statues and imperialism.

@Zero_Democracy there's more in this category?? that's such a good font tho, need to add that to the runescape font for my "fonts i use too much" folder.

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