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TFW you've seized the means of production and aren't sure what comes next

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[looking at some lesbians] so which one of you is the dwarf and which ones the fortress

We should bring back the old Victorian age tradition of carrying canes, beating people with canes, etc.

it’s time to start a union,
it’s time to organize.
it’s time for labor power
on the muppet show tonight

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Jorts horse
Get out of my mind
The shorts you wear
Are denim and fine

Better run, horse
Jeans much too short, horse

This one makes me laugh every year… because it is so very true.

I am Mr Okay. I am The Guy Who Is Totally Normal.

If I was in Star Wars, I'd call my ship the Sex Wing, and I'd be shot down by squad mates immediately

We should get a day off work each month just for posting

ok this kicks ass
no budget B movies made with legitimate flair and intention are very much my jam, and this one is delivering in spades

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twitter support responding to me that my account is permanently suspended because i used it to harass people and i just reply to them “okay but elon said” and then they just give me the account back no further questions

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