Why is this popping off again?

No complaints, it's a banger 👍

why is this popping off again
not complaining it's a great post lol

In the SW United States, we have "The Thing."

Highway signs advertise it for hundreds of miles. That and all the swag available, should you stop at The Thing.

@ancient_catbus After a little investigation I’ve discovered the Mystery Hole is a very possible inspiration for the Mystery Shack.

Northern California has the Glory Hole Recreation Area located right off of Glory Hole road.

I'm afraid to hit the button that says "see similar places"

@jcutting @ancient_catbus I mean - most dammed reservoirs have glory holes - Lake Berryessa has one

@ancient_catbus usually it’s just a cat daring to look into the camera or someone acknowledging that people eat lunch.


@BryanLastRedDrop @siege @ancient_catbus if you visit you can stay at Hawks Nest nearby, it is a very scenic place!

@RedCyberLizzie @siege @ancient_catbus I would like small to medium size stickers with the same wording/font etc. to put on my full length bathroom mirror.

@ancient_catbus from RoadsideAmerica:

Over it is a large clown with fresh set of declamatory signs.

"An experience that will intrigue you the rest of your life."
"Nature's gravity seems to have gone haywire and your sense of balance is extremely upset."
"If your heart can take it, see the laws of nature defied."

"Rules of the Hole,"
"No cameras or cell phones,"
"People with heart ailment, vertigo, or high blood pressure do not enter,"
"Not responsible for accidents or after effects,"
"Shoes recommended."

@ancient_catbus If only! All I ever get a like a slice of pizza or a picture of a book.

@ancient_catbus that reminds me it’s about time i repost the garfield dog cum comic

@ancient_catbus @nutsling
don't tell me it's about time you repost the dog cum comic and then not repost the dog cum comic

@ancient_catbus I had a mystery hole. Turns out it was used to drop used razor blades behind the house walls

@ancient_catbus there was a Supernatural episode one time. "Mystery Spot" but you know it was really about the hole

@ancient_catbus I mean I just saw you boost it, that's what reminded me to, so!

@fade i gave it the RT bc it was taking up my entire mentions feed lol, reminded me it existed

@ancient_catbus oh I don’t hide #CW or #sensitive media. I just wish my client displayed a flag in the sensitive media, so I know if it’s safe to boost. @ivory @devxvda

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