@Ear_bele @ancient_catbus

Sisyphus gets ripped.
That's an outcome I didn't think of.

@ancient_catbus at least it didn’t get worse. Which is quite often the outcome.

@ancient_catbus @andraste i still miss the tiktok discourse about how sisyphus was actually happy because he got to work on himself every day.

@ancient_catbus Love it. Thanks for sharing but Sisyphus is really #democracy and it is about to get crushed.

@ancient_catbus "One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

@ancient_catbus oh are you also doing dishes? Or laundry? Or is this run of the mill climate anxiety?

I can only find 3 differences between those images.

Has anyone got a list of the whole 8 diffetences handy?

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