@ancient_catbus “Well how else would you solve all these problems we made up”

@alfredohno @ancient_catbus This. Literally 99.9% of the damn "problems" never were problems to begin with >.<

@ancient_catbus You already have a wonderful free solution that everybody likes, but have you considered adding creepy and intrusive surveillance, a giant carbon footprint, and a solution that requires 10 layers of obtuse vaporware to function?

@ancient_catbus what about the problem of acquiring juice that can seemingly only be solved with pre-crushed fruit in DRM-protected bags for a $200 vendor-locked press?

@b_rawr @ancient_catbus Tell me this is a plausible dystopian extrapolation rather than description of something that's really happening. Please. I cannot tell anymore.


Isn't it more like, "Isn't this yet another way we can use our Orwellian surveillance hellscape to make even more money?"

@ancient_catbus How can we corner the market we created and become a monopoly without attracting legal action?

@ancient_catbus More like, “Let’s take a simple solution that already exists and works for everyone and replace it with one that’s complicated and expensive.”

@ancient_catbus It is almost like their main purpose is an Orwellian hellscape, and not making life better for people.

@ancient_catbus Now for the paradox, what if the problem IS an Orwellian landscape? How are techbros gonna escape that? Another Orwellian landscape?

@ancient_catbus lol. so true. like Altman and Worldcoin. "First, let me monetize all of humanity's shared knowledge, without their consent or compensation. Next, I'd like to track every human being's exact identity and financial transactions, 24x7, and we'll lure the those suckers in by offering them a.. uh, oh I dunno.. a make believe currency? Winning!"

@ancient_catbus As long as they can charge you a subscription for it too... 🤑

@ancient_catbus Except usually they create the hellscape first and look for the problem later.

@ancient_catbus @malcircuit when all you have is an Orwellian surveillance hellscape, everything starts to look like a problem that can be solved by an Orwellian surveillance hellscape


The interesting tech and software is mostly created elsewhere.

@ancient_catbus@jorts.horse "we noticed you left your keys on your bed side table, 3000 cameras in your room is the solution to your lost keys"

@ancient_catbus Should've let Silicon Valley Bank fail. We would have far less of this.

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