hnnnnngggg why the fuck am I so horny all the time

I'm supposed to be working rn not fantasizing about being fucked

I feel like if someone spanked me rn I'd cum on the spot

i love thinking to myself "ok now. now i MUST do some work" then regaining consciousness 45 minutes later to find myself typing "im injecting soviet truth serum into my balls" in this website box

socialist chess where the pawns can go backwards and destroy the big pieces on their own side

nice to see that at least some of the people I remember still exist

listening to hozier just to feel something


on an unrelated note, I really wish someone would fuck me in the ass right now. my butt is too cute to be ignored like this.

I missed mastodon, and I especially miss radtown. that place helped me realize I'm trans. rip.

"Bolivia is investigating coup officials for collaborating with the IMF.

Former coup regime official, Carlos Schlink, was detained today at Viru Viru airport in Santa Cruz while trying to leave"

Github Copilot has a 47% chance to get the right answer first try and a 57% chance given up to 10 attempts.

the chance that a cheater's coin with a 47% chance to flip heads will get heads within two attempts is about 72%

giving Github Copilot "another chance" is a much worse idea than betting against a weighted coin

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@dankwraith sick of knowing what your code does and why? hate maintainability? github copilot has been trained on the worst code known to humanity. it will fuck your repo up. it will piss on your style guide

The “Keep _______ Weird” crowd needs to learn that the way a place gets weird is by having cheap housing so people can work part time or not at all and still make rent.

egg levels are currently at 28% but fluctuating wildly

(28%) ■■□□□□□□□□

the bachelorette but make it gay. and polyamorous

what i'm saying is i want to watch a bunch of girls kiss each other and go on dates

being trans fucking rules and trans people are fucking amazing

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