Just because something isn't as bad as the worst thing you've endured, that doesn't mean you still have to sit through it, you're allowed to say "fuck this I deserve better"

Keeping my tradition of painting octopuses on the bottoms of tables in hotel rooms alive 😀

if you can dream it (world's largest ball pit) you can be it (fined by the city for your ball-filled yard)

Instagram is trying to intimidate us with threats of legal action.

Help us bring awareness to our project by sharing this post, and consider donating if possible.

We're not giving up. #fediverse

Co-founder of “Food Not Bombs” Global, Arrested today

"Keith McHenry, the co-founder of the global movement “Food Not Bombs” was arrested and jailed by the Santa Cruz Police Department today for the crime of serving food to the unhoused community members. Approximately 10 officers of the Santa Cruz Police Department arrested Keith at approximately 10:00 am today, December 27, 2022, in River Street Parking Garage #10, 24 River Street, as he was setting up tables to serve a meal out of the intense rain.

This egregious treatment of this community hero comes just two days after Food Not Bombs served a free Christmas feast to over 500 unhoused persons in downtown Santa Cruz. Keith is being held at Santa Cruz County Jail facing two misdemeanor charges of blocking a parking space and loitering in a parking garage. The police also confiscated some equipment belonging to Food Not Bombs including tables, cups for coffee and sugar."


#FoodNotBombs #Repression #antireport #mutualaid #FreeThemAll

It warms my heart when I see uptight "professional" accounts start to venture into making tentative shitposts. It's like watching a baby take it's first steps.

@witchy knees weak palms are sweaty (from bearing the weight of my wife's immense booba)

A goat with mangy withers and stubby horns attacks the fence

If you catch a moment today, put on a song you really properly love and take the time out to have a dance, whatever dancing looks like to you. No particular reason really, just for the joy of it x

@the_feral_housewife everyone wants a thicc wife but no one wants the hard work of worshipping the thicc wife

(gently telling someone that i don't want to pair-program with them) i think it's best if we don't C each other anymore

speaking of if this is you commission me to paint your cat or your dick idk

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breaking news: local enby discovers that brain and body function better when you get enough sleep

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is it possible that I am more powerful well rested but sick with the plague than "healthy" but terminally underslept?

How did anyone even function in the winter before they invented vitamin D pills

furry art, truly awful pun 

Blue hare and pronouns

Starting a business where companies pay me to consult on leveraging mastodon for their brand and I just offer them absolutely baffling advice

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