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Gonna pop off for a bit about Fats Domino, Cosimo Matassa, and a small history of New Orleans Soul and R&B in this thread! Feel free to join along, I'll try to include music as much as I can.

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Wow, I had such a great time at MastoCon 2018. Special thanks to @Gargron for putting it together! Got to meet and hang with all the Legends of Mastodon Posting and made a bunch of new friends. Special thanks for everyone who came to my Q&A panel "Shitposting in the Age Of Lonlieness". Hope to see you all next year too!

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ejected from the vatican for kissing the pope's ring with tongue

caught in the blast of a butt grenade. injured by some crapnel

I for one, would like to congratulate Pete Buttigieg for being the first openly gay Republican candidate for president

Picture of me on a special day, not a selfie, minimal EC Show more

cubone girl... if youre out there, let me know.....

the hardest i've ever instantly fallen for someone was a cubone cosplayer at an anime con

"One day I'm gonna fuck the sexy gator from that hot sauce bottle" - the guy who did the label art

Jesus coming out of his cave to shame mankind

i hate when i google shit like this and it turns out 5,000 people have said this already

on the third day, Jesus came out of his cave and he was doing just fine

if I was Jesus I couldn't log for three days just to lay in dark cave

oh yeah they're pretty indie... you probably havent heard that name in the eyes and go to bed? my mum is great

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