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Gonna pop off for a bit about Fats Domino, Cosimo Matassa, and a small history of New Orleans Soul and R&B in this thread! Feel free to join along, I'll try to include music as much as I can.

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Wow, I had such a great time at MastoCon 2018. Special thanks to @Gargron for putting it together! Got to meet and hang with all the Legends of Mastodon Posting and made a bunch of new friends. Special thanks for everyone who came to my Q&A panel "Shitposting in the Age Of Lonlieness". Hope to see you all next year too!

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if i ever say anything you disagree with do not call me out on it. if you do i will simply google pictures of chris dorner and subaru foresters until i calm down.

where were you when you learned that Healyn doesn't have mid-length hair?

To all my friends and comrades, esp those struggling with depression & suicidal ideation, I love you troubled troublemakers. Please reach out if you want to talk.

You aren't alone.

Your feelings are valid.

You are more loved and appreciated than you realize.



This is absolutely a subtoot of myself thanks for asking

Very disappointed any University would allow someone to graduate with a political science degree knowing full well they will go on to become a blithering idiot online and probably develop terminal brain worms from yelling at other people

Kibousoft is just a couple people doing web development. It's as much of a "corporation" as I am, since I am self-employed and doing web development. was struggling with an owner who had no technical experience, so the people of Kibousoft offered to take it over. It wasn't bought out.

I'm sad to see people spreading misinformation about this. One of the Kibousoft guys was co-admin of KNZK and is one of the nicest people on here.

What's this stuff about some mastodon instance getting bought out

cisco programming socks

cisco programming socks

I have never had a birthday and I never will

Shout-out to @brogepi for inspiring this soon-to-be-classic toot

Getting the secret service called on me because I tooted "orange man good'nt" on the official mastodon instance of the United States.

america truly and completely hates teachers, it's wild to think along and I think it is a good premise !!

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