@anthonydavis next update: duo lingo owl literally stabs you if you miss a day

My favorite fun fact is that the reason Duolingo's color scheme is green is because the guy running it at the time said to the GUI guys, "literally do anything to it as long as it's not green. i hate green."

there’s a picture of a gun 

@anthonydavis they posted this on facebook and the comments were amazing.

there’s a picture of a gun 

@sweetmercury Lmfao I JUST saw this elsewhere this morning and it's so good

re: there’s a picture of a gun 

@sweetmercury @anthonydavis tbh it would be kind of neat if duolingo did this? Like you might get some folks just saying por favor over and over but hen some folks would bust out in fluent spanish and then the bird would be all, see? the spanish was inside of you all along.

@anthonydavis for real though the aggressive scoring and punishment for breaking a streak is the reason I’ve never been able to stick with DL

@sweetmercury yeah I definitely feel that, I've turned off notifications because they got so aggressive and it's like I HAVE OTHER SHIT TO DO STOPPPPP

@anthonydavis That’s a nice streak ya got there. How’s about $4.99 to keep it goin, eh?

@hinterwaeldler sadly they explicitly said it won't be dark mode but they didn't elaborate further :(

Madre de Dios! Es el pollo diablo!

(Never gonna get tired of posting that :blobcheeky: )

Duolingo: hey man its been a few days
Person: yeah uh I've been busy I'll be back tho

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