@beef_mcgristle reminds me of one of my favorite limericks:

A decrepit old gas man named Peter
Was downcellar reading the meter
He struck up a light
And rose out of sight
And - as anyone who knows anything about poetry can tell you - he also ruined the meter

@tess @beef_mcgristle :🀣🀣🀣I literally laughed out loud at this. Thank you!

@beef_mcgristle Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles = Trochaic tetrameter, surely?

Take a song and write a lyric
Just make sure to match the rhythm
Sing it out using an earworm
You will feel it all match //
like a poem!

P.S.: Now try to sing it making the words match the TMNT theme... It's not precisely this, but it's kinda how it works.

@beef_mcgristle could you add alt text to this? I’d love to share it

@beef_mcgristle yup, deemed to be an app problem, showed up fine on web version. Thank you and apologies!

@beef_mcgristle is the bot that finds Wikipedia articles that follow this meter on here?

@jbaert looks like it's at @tmnt , in the big old bot pile. doesn't appear to have updated since 2021

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