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‘A Māori artist has designed a way for the masses to tune out of royal coverage, with a web browser plugin that replaces all monarchy and coronation stories with Indigenous news’

Not all heroes wear korowai.

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Please don't clog up the Transgender Concerns Form with so many spurious reports that it becomes unusable, and the Missouri government gets Big Mad. Because that would be wrong. Here's a link to the form so you'll know exactly where not to do that:

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Het is #TransDayOfVisibility. We vieren het bestaan, de kracht en de moed van trans personen wereldwijd.

Maar we staan ook stil bij de afschuwelijke haat en het geweld waar zij dagelijks mee te maken krijgen.

Daar blijven wij tegen vechten. Want #TransRightsAreHumanRights

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#OtD 30 Mar 2020 up to 60 workers at the JFK8 Amazon distribution centre on Staten Island, NY, went on a wildcat strike demanding better safety amidst the Covid-19 pandemic after a breakout. Key organiser Chris Smalls ( was then fired

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New! We made big improvements to our map, particularly the new Search function. Try it out by searching for terms like "Emma Goldman", "Industrial Workers of the World" or "general strike". And if you like it please tell your friends/share it!

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#OtD 27 Mar 1943, gay anti-fascist Willem Arondeus led a group in bombing the Amsterdam Public Records Office that Nazis used to identify Dutch Jews. Arrested, before his execution, Arondeus declared: "Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards."

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As we hit the home stretch for the #TransRights in Florida #TTRPG bundle, I wanted to amplify my own thread — about once per day I’ve picked a random item in the bundle and talked about it a little. This is my way of encouraging people to spend $5, get great games, and help trans people who live in Florida. All proceeds go to on-the-ground charities in Florida. They need our help.

My thread:
The bundle:

And I never say this, but: please boost!

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Devastated to learn of publishers' motion for summary judgement granted in their case against the Internet Archive.

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"I have come to think of academic librarians as akin to the engineers who maintain the electrical grid. Without them, many university systems would go dark. But colleges increasingly treat librarians like convenience-store clerks waiting to help faculty members and students at their points of need or impulse. Why is it that academic librarians are rarely viewed by their faculty colleagues as experts, collaborators, and equals?"

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Just a reminder that we, here at Platform Labor, have a blog that welcomes contributions by anyone working in/on the platform economy. We're especially interested in pieces by junior scholars & gig workers! For more info on how to contribute, see:

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Did you know the Journal of Trial and Error is wanting to publish rejected grant applications? In their words, "We believe that applications often suffer from a highly competitive system rather than a deficient proposal."

If this sounds interesting to you, check out the call for submissions, which also has a link to their blog post on the topic:


Sign the petition for the Internet Archive: "A major lawsuit against the nonprofit Internet Archive threatens the future of all libraries. Big publishers are suing to cut off libraries’ ownership and control of digital books"

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This is so ridiculous. Tell me what data TikTok collects that American companies don’t collect and use just as much. This weird techno-xenophobia is driving me crazy.

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2 years ago, I also applied to & received 0/15 pts bc I was a native Arabic speaker wanting to do research in Jordan. I sued to end native speaker penalty with @NCLAlegal. Glad @AlmostPHDVero joined our lawsuit. Stronger together.

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Post Doc opportunity in Southern California with amazing @aballes2 on the spaces below our feet "Expanding the Social World Downwards" deadline coming up

Wait is this good legislative news coming out of the US? I almost don’t remember what that feels like.
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Today, @GovWhitmer signed legislation expanding Michigan’s Civil Rights Act to include protections for LGBTQ+ Michiganders. As our community faces threats to liberty and safety nearly every day, I’m thrilled Michigan is taking this important step to defend the LGBTQ+ community.

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Are you a from the interested in writing a about the challenges we face considering opportunities for work and funding, underrecognition, undervaluation, and underrepresentation?
Please contact me at

As I left for work today there was a woman walking a labrador puppy in front of our house, and the puppy wanted to say hi so we're best friends now and 100% I can recommend puppies as a reason to leave the house

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