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This spring I'm co-teaching a 10-week online course at SFPC with @aliceyuanzhang and called Solidarity Infrastructures, where we will discuss real-world case studies of community infrastructure, and develop projects experimenting with infrastructure as a creative practice. The class aims to challenge the technocapitalist worldview, breaking the dichotomy of "high" and "low" tech, and to explore approaches to solidarity infrastructure in its many forms from mutual aid groups, to peer to peer software, to community mesh networks

applications are open until February 10th at (as well to four other sfpc classes which are also happening this spring, "Narrative Constellations", "The Musical Web", "Teaching and Learning as PRIMITIVE HYPERTEXT", and "Cellular Automata")

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We are looking for a team of scholars to join our funded project on #intersectional #inequalities. One #postdoc focusing on Brazil and/or S. Africa + a dozen doctoral students to join our fellowship program. Apply now


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Meest depressieve gevoel ooit: als ze Talkin' Bout a Revolution van Tracy Chapman draaien in de appie.

“Mostly peaceful” protests, sheesh--which editor decided to lead with that? It might as well say "clutch your TVs white folks, 'those' people are rioting again."

Before the protests, how regularly did NPR headlines call out the US police for their "mostly murderous” traffic stops?

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Climate activists in the Netherlands were arrested at home yesterday over a planned highway blockade action- this is a sinister and deeply worrying development that undermines the fundamental human right to protest. It cannot be allowed to stand.

The energy saved by the sensor may be undone by the fact that I have to tie a ribbon to a table fan and run it all day in winter just to keep the lights on.

The only caveat is that my office mate kindly gave me the window seat, so I did choose to sit over here....

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Our office light sensors seem to be based on the idea of one average man sitting in the middle of the room. But we share offices because austerity, so I sit off to one side and am the height of the average me. This means that even in my own office I'm literally not seen and end up writing in the dark.

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Next week I will discuss Bruno Latour's Politics of the Earth at @Kairos in London. I will draw on my article Turning politics around: things, the earth, ecology, which I just put online here: #ecology #sts

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I'm delighted to share that the website for the Black Studies & Palestinian Studies conference I am organizing in Atlanta in May is now live:
All are welcome to register as the conference is free and open to the public.

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Settler colonial carcerality: “New Israeli guidelines on access to the West Bank for foreigners threaten to further isolate Palestinians from loved ones and global civil society.”

One of our cats is such a loving sentinel. He waits at the window until I get home, then greets me at the door and follows me in. When our oldest was a baby, the cat watched over him whenever he slept, curled up under his crib. He still guards him when he's sick or if he's crying. The cat usually sleeps on the foot of our bed, but if there's a problem with the house, he'll stay up all night, sitting facing a broken stove or leaky pipe, only going to bed in the morning when I come to relieve him

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I haven't played Monopoly for many years now. The last game was with three housemates at university. One housemate was winning and really enjoying his triumph over the rest of us. So I suggested to my other two housemates that we form a cooperative. We would let each other off rents on our properties. The standards rents would apply to anyone not in the coop. And you could leave the coop if you wanted. None of this is forbidden in the rules of Monopoly because it has little market regulation.

What the hell. Liberal necropolitics at its finest:

"Netherlands to Stop Offering Covid Vaccines to Most Children under 12"

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Open access, no fees for authors, no Elsevier, a horizontal editorial board --- it all means: no money in the pockets. @KrisisJournal needs the support of its readers and authors to survive. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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Financial update: Your support is still needed...

Krisis publishes open access and aims to be financially autonomous. To this end, we rely on the support of our readers. In 2022 we received …

Currently in a groundhog day situation with our new energy company :

--I ask for help via whatsapp
--They respond days later asking what the problem is
--I immediately resend the text where I state the problem
--They claim to be closed despite just messaging, and say they'll get back
--I never hear back

(Rinse and repeat)

Having worked in customer service before, to those currently doing so: I wish the companies set it up so you could actually help us. You don't get paid enough

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Klimaatactivist Lucas Winnips werd vandaag opgepakt omdat hij opriep tot een wegblokkade op de A12, als protest tegen het klimaatbeleid. Wegblokkades kunnen vallen onder het demonstratierecht. Heel eng dat het Openbaar Ministerie nu probeert om een demonstratie vooraf te verbieden en criminaliseren. #mensenrechten #XR

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Recently revisited, a haunting project by @nasser

Somehow the hyper surveillance enabled by Google street view opens a portal where we can see the savagery of #apartheid in high resolution. It becomes impossible to take our eyes away from the quotidian details of the slow violence of the military occupation, the ethnic segregation, and the pervasive racist settler colonial logic that underlies it all.


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These hilarious threads on bad colonialism romance movies might be my favorite thing on the internet atm

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