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I’m mostly just mad at myself for working at that shithole when I could do way less work (hours) for way more money

Made $140 this week on the door dash and I’m astounded that it’s $60 less than my average paycheck from Old Job

And those checks were for 2 weeks like gotDAMM

Absolutely dominating the local TL with my shitty dance music tastes

Y’all remember when AMVs of fucking maple story avatars were a thing

He’s my best friend best of all best friends
Do you have a best friend too?
It tickles in my tummy
He’s so yummy yummy
You should get a best friend too

Gonna irritate the shit out of Dom by reliving my short phase of 90s/2000s eurodance

Absolutely shocked no one is interacting w me in regards to the late 90s early 2000s hit Blue (Da Ba Dee)

I want to share with y’all the song that is currently stuck in my head

Doordash: we’re getting a lot of orders! Extend your dash now!!!!!

Also doordash: no available slots to extend

Fucc u

Hello friends it is with great joy that I inform you that Monday, the 25th, is yours truly’s birthday

What I am accepting:
- adoration
- compliments
- back scratchies
- boosts

Thank you for your love and cooperation

Instance Hazing Rituals they make you watch 100 hours of anime they chop off all your jeans into jorts while you’re asleep ritual sacrifice to Anna who is not a cult leader you all go out to drinks, it’s a lovely time
glitter kittens: you get glitter bombed they bury you and see if you sprout flowers don’t ask

I hope you all know you’re gonna get slammed with that piss dot restaurant follow as soon as I decide to actually use a Computer

hello! i am the barman at the piss dot restaurant. would u like to try our new pisstail

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