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The thing that’s most concerning about this one is it plowed right thru one of the most populated areas of Tulsa

Just ONE fucking time I’d like to go to bed in storm season and not be immediately woken up by sirens

Just once I’d like to have a storm without a tornado in it

Random goth girl from the art festival asked to add me on FB, currently slamming that unfollow button because wow does she have some really REALLY shitty takes

(Shoulda known when she told me “I’m actually pretty Facebook famous”)

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Boomers: waht is my facebook dot com password
Gen X: Where to download Pearl Jam Live Recordings?
Millienials: debt gone if dead
Zoomer; math game 4 kids classdojo

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Tornado watch till 11pm officially, and May I just say: tornado sirens are gettin real fuckin annoying

It’s getting REALLY still here so that’s nerve wracking

At a point there were 10 different rotations happening across the Tulsa metro area, not sure about now

WOOF north side of Tulsa is getting fuckin nailed by this thing

Neighborhood dogs are going fuckin nuts it’s either siren response or SOMETHING REAL

(More sirens n clouds)

It started raining and the temp has dropped like 10 degrees since I been outside YEEHAW

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