I started with Lightroom, then switched to Darktable. Now I want a self-hosted web photo gallery! There are dozens of options and none are perfect.

Can someone recommend the least-worst?

Krapopolis went with Star Trek: Lower Decks comic timing but it really needs King Of The Hill timing.

cPanel's new pricing is so complicated it takes an 8 page PDF to explain it. Thoughts and prayers and calculators to their customers.

It's concerning that the Raspberry Pi 5 announcement is silent on the topic of GoldenEye performance.


How about I pay $2.99 *less* for Prime and they can take away the video part

Ethan Hawke on Reservation Dogs was 🥹. I do not want this show to end.

The latest Roku OS update makes the Plex app unsuable. Just in time for the first episode of the new season of Taskmaster. :(

All this AI and Alexa shit from Amazon today...are people clamoring for these devices? All I want is a color epaper Kindle! I don't even know why. I just want it! I'll buy two!

After two weeks I'm ready to admit that I can't figure out the UI. Incompatible with Brett Brain™️. I never know where to go or what to do. I'm also willing to entertain the possibility that it will never make sense to me no matter how much time I sink into this.

The Mexican aliens have captured my imagination and have me questioning everything I thought I knew about paper mache.

I know a special boy who already has an appointment for his covid booster...

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