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if you're looking into my profile because I had an opinion you considered wrong and are trying to (wo)(man)splain it to me it's because you entered the and were caught with your jorts down. I'm sorry to tell you you fell victim to one of the classic blunders

You can shorten bicycle races from 200km to 5km and no one will notice the diffrerence

Replaying S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl, this time with a very good mod (OGSE Gunslinger Addon)

trigger warning: intense staring

spotify nasheed playlists are CIA honeypots, do not listen. I'm being regularly awakened by glowing figures in the street at night

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just an FYI Affinity ( can import illustrator and photoshop files. It works on OSX and has a trial if you wish to look around. Fuck adobe

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Software as a Service: Heya you need to login to use your projects for $90 a month. I hope your country is in good relations with US and A or we'll have to deny you service. You'll have to find a program that can open our proprietary files. Oh look they're our property. I guess you're fucked huh

Software: Damn son stop using that russian keygen how hard is it to pay fifty bucks once?

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can we get this for T-SQUARE while we're at it

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Have you ever experienced the sunk cost fallacy in which you lend some euros to a guy and when you ask them back he says he can't remember? Lend me 10 euros and I'll show you what I mean

*unironically slurping korean extra spicy ramen* I *burps* I mi-*wheeze* I miss my old Pentium 4 rig *farts uncontrollably*

The trick for English wealth is in its food. Fish and chips, egg beans and bacon, chickens on a raft. The amount of pounds the British gain every year should be unreal

Reincarnated In Another World But It's Actually The Gaza Strip And I'm Palestinian??

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my scaredy ass could never become a ghostwriter

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